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Gabrielle R. Cager, M.A., CCC-A

Clinical Audiologist
Division of Audiology
Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

If an appointment is needed
Specialty Clinic at UIC Medical Center:
Craniofacial Center
811 S. Paulina St .
Chicago , IL 60612
Phone: 312-996-7546
FAX: 312-413-1157

Education and Work Experience :

Bachelor of Science: Xavier University at New Orleans, 1993
Master of Arts: Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge, 1997
Clinical Audiologist at Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Biloxi, MS
Pediatric Audiologist at Children’s Hospital, New Orleans, LA
Clinical Audiologist at University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago, IL

Practice Philosophy:

I believe that a person’s ability to hear has a major affects on their life. Hearing is essential for speech and language development as well as has an affect on social, educational and professional activity. As an Audiologist, my job is not only to identify children and adults with hearing loss, but to improve their communication. I am here not only to treat the patient, but to counsel their family and friends. I believe it is important to treat the whole patient. This includes diagnostic testing and assessment, understanding what the patient wants to accomplish form the visit, amplification, and aural rehabilitation. It also involves knowing/understanding developmental milestones for the pediatric population to the social issues involved with poor communication.


Pediatric Audiology
Diagnostic testing, Pediatric and Adult
Hearing loss associated with Craniofacial anomalies
Hearing aids, Pediatric and Adult
Auditory Brainstem Response testing
Central Auditory Processing Evaluation

Membership in Professional Organization:  

American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association




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