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The clinical staff of the Division includes plastic surgeons, orthodontists, prosthodontists, speech pathologists, pediatricians, audiologists, psychologists, anaplastologist, and nurse practitioners.

Several plastic surgeons from the community, orthopaedic (hand) surgeons and burn surgeons, also participate as volunteer faculty in the training and education of our residents and students.

  • Mimis Cohen, MD – Professor of Surgery and Chief
  • David Morris, MD – Assistant Professor of Surgery
  • Anuja K. Antony, MD, MPH – Assistant Professor of Surgery
  • Pravin K. Patel, MD – Professor of Surgery
  • Rudolph Dolezal, MD – Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery
  • Ramasamy Kalimuthu, MD – Clinical Professor of Surgery
  • M. Vincent Makhlouf, MD – Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery
  • Karen Fenyn, RN, MSN – Clinical Nurse Consultant, Plastic Surgery
  • Faculties at the Cranio-facial Center:

  • David Reisberg, DDS – Professor of Surgery and Prosthodontics
  • Camille A. Rea, B.F.A., M.A.M.S – Board Certified Clinical Anaplastologist
  • Maya Shahani, MD – Clinical Assistant Professor of General and Emergency Pediatric Services
  • Gabrielle Cager, MA – Audiologist
  • Robert Brown, BCO – Ocularist
  • Rosemary Seelaus, MAMS – Clinical Assistant Professor, Senior Anaplastologist
  • Janine Rosenberg, PhD – Psychologist
  • Terri Kaisling, MBA, RN – Director, Physician Practice, Craniofacial Center
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