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Dolezal, MD

Rosemary Seelaus, MAMS

Clinical Assistant Professor, Senior Anaplastologist

Rosemary Seelaus attended Northwestern University where she was a six time Academic Big Ten Athlete. She then received a masters' degree in Biomedical Visualization from The University of Illinois at Chicago's School of Associated Health Sciences. Prior to joining the Craniofacial Center's team as senior anaplastologist, she was anaplastologist and clinical and research fellow at the Craniofacial Osseointegration Maxillofacial Prosthetics Rehabilitation Unit (COMPRU) in Edmonton, Canada. At The Craniofacial Center, her duties include patient care, education, and research. She teaches the only program in the country that trains martists to make facial pr ostheses for patients with facial deformities. Her research focuses othe use of 3D imaging for the planning and fabrication of facial prostheses. She is the author of a number of scientific publications and is past president of the American Anaplastology Association.





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