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Welcome to the Division of Transplantation at the UIC College of Medicine and the University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago. At the heart of the Illinois Medical District, UIC is a forerunner in transplantation and clinical research, and it serves as a hub for some of the most talented transplant surgeons. Whether a prospective resident or patient, we are pleased you are interested in finding out more about the programs that we offer at the Medical Center and at the College of Medicine.  We hope you will partner with us to provide the best quality of patient care.

At UIC’s Division of Transplantation, our doctors and researchers pioneered some of the first major organ transplants in Illinois. Currently, UIC performs kidney, liver, small bowel, pancreas and islet cell transplants. Moreover, UIC continues to be a center of innovation as it works to bring minimally invasive robotic surgeries and other technical improvements to the patients in greatest need of transplants.


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