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Faculty research interests within the Division of Vascular Surgery inlcude:

  • Hemodynamics of arterial bifurcation
  • Pathogenesis of ischemic ulcer
  • Hepatic circulation of liver cirrhosis
  • Visceral circulation and compliance of small diameter vascular grafts

Clinical and Scientific Trials (Sample Trials):

1. “A case study evaluation by Clinicians treating and patients receiving, Serial On Demand, Point of Care, Customized Polyfit wound dressings fabricated by polyremedy wound stations” 6.09-6.10.. IRB approved 6.1.09
2. “Randomised, Controlled Multi-Centre Clinical Trial on the Safety and Efficacy of Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution Compard to Standard Therapy in the Treatment of Hard-to-Heal Venous Leg Ulcers” IRB approved 7.09
3. “Mesenchymal stem cells augment wound VEGF content, blood flow, and increase tensile strength” Kim W, Szilagyi E, Rowan D, Cramer D, Wietecha M, Acosta A, Rahman A, Makhlouf N, Meneses P, Qi M, Balla A, DiPietro L, Ennis WJ, Bartholomew A. 5th Annual Academic Surgical Conference, Feb 3-5, 2010, San Antonio, TX, oral abstract presentation
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