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November 5, 2005
Fifth Annual Life Long Learning Day:
Critical City Infrastructure and Economic Development: Financing and Budgeting

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Interact with city officials and UIC faculty with expertise in public finance. Review best and worst budgeting practices and tools. Challenge yourself to prepare, defend, and present a budget to municipal decision-makers. Instructors include Michael Pagano, Professor and Director of Public Administration; Rachel Weber, Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Policy Program; and Rebecca Hendrick, Associate Professor of Public Administration.

November 13, 2004
Fourth Annual Life Long Learning Day:
Statistics, Polls, and Surveys:  Refresh Your Skills and Learn From Experts

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Instructor-led statistical analysis with Microsoft Excel, followed by lunch and a panel of experts in surveying, polling and statistics from the public, private and non-profit sectors.
Instructors include Allyson Holbrook, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Public Administration and UIC's Survey Research Lab; Kevin Gibbs, Coordinator of Geographic Information Systems for the Chicago Department of Public Health; Richard Day, Ph.D., of Richard Day Research, Inc.; and Amy Rynell, Director of the Mid-America Institute on Poverty of Heartland Alliance.

November 8, 2003
Third Annual Life Long Learning Day:

Research + Action = Results:  Using research and organizing to influence change
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It's Not Magic, It's DATA
Learn to use the innovative and powerful Public Data Query Software (PDQ) to access information from multiple data sets, including present and past Census (1850-2000 micro data), Current Population Survey and General Social Survey data. Participants each have hands on practice of queries, extracts, and summary statistics and learn how to download the software for FREE home and office use. Training guide also provided.

Lunch with Keynote speaker Rey Colon, Chicago 35th Ward Alderman
Through successful grassroots organizing, Alderman Colon was able to unseat the incumbent alderpeson in the 2003 election, proving that independent politics in Chicago are not dead. Find out how working with his community led to campaign victory.

Turning Data into Action -- Practical Case Studies
Hear detailed case studies from practitioners and researchers that have combined data, organizing, and advocacy to get results. Armed with research to support their cause, these panelists have influenced state legislation, garnered support for new city ordinances, and built large coalitions. Listen to their step by step processes, successes, and challenges, and discuss how these methods can be adapted for your organization. Receive detailed case studies on successful housing and transportation efforts.

Housing Action Panelists

Gené Moreno, Policy/Advocacy Director, Chicago Rehab Network
Bob Palmer, Statewide Housing Action Coalition (SHAC)
Lee Smith, Senior Planner, City of Highland Park

Transportation Action Panelists
Jennifer (Gin) Kilgore, Pedestrian Program Manager, Center for Neighborhood Technology
Karyn Romano, Transportation Director, Metropolitan Planning Council
Joe DiJohn, Research Professor, UIC Urban Transportation Center
Siim Sööt, Retired Director, UIC Urban Transportation Center

February 22, 2003
Second Annual CUPPA-AA Life-Long Learning Day

A day of skills enhancement and issues updates for planning and public administration professionals.

  • E-Government:  Find out how federal, state, and local governments are making use of the Internet to facilitate service delivery.  Presenters:  L. Vaughn Blankenship, professor, UIC Public Administration Program; James R. Thompson, associate professor and director of graduate studies, UIC Public Administration Program; and Eric W. Welch, assistant professor, UIC Public Administration Program.
  • Best Practices and Processes for Community Participation:  Learn strategies to deal with the tension between bottom-up and top-down decision making.  This session will help you think about the distinction between the different levels of community participation in relation to issues of power and control.  Case examples will be used to demonstrate the importance of meaningful community participation, being part of the planning process and the ways this can be accomplished.  Presenters: Janet L. Smith, assistant professor, UIC Urban Planning and Policy Program; and Janice Metzger, co-director, Chicagoland Transportation & Air Quality Commission, and Center for Neighborhood Technology.
  • Status Report on the Chicago Housing Authority:  Find out about and hear the current status of the CHA's Plan for Transformation.  Presenter:  Kathryn Greenberg, managing director of internal and external communications at the Chicago Housing Authority.
  • Performance Measurement/Benchmarking:  Learn how to evaluate the outcomes and impacts of your organization’s programs and services.  Presenter:  Julia Melkers, associate professor, UIC Public Administration Program.
  • Getting Your Piece of the Pie:  This session will help you find ways for your organization to get the attention you need to acquire funding from city, state, and federal governments and private foundations.  Examples of organizations that are well-funded and how they accomplish this will be discussed.  Also, you will get an idea of what accepting funding may mean for your organization.  Presenters:  Patrick Bayard, associate program officer in the areas of Community Development and Basic Human Needs for the Chicago Community Trust; and Richard S. Kordesh, principal and founder, The Blue House Institute.  
  • Data Access and Analysis:  Learn about different sources of data and how to access and use each source.  Presenter:  Greg Sanders, project manager for the Greater Chicago Housing Website.

January 26, 2002
Come Home for Life-Long Learning

In conjunction with UIC's Homecoming festivities, CUPPA is offering a variety of short educational sessions to update you on issues and skills that will help you in your career. The celebration will conclude with pizza and beverages before the UIC Flames basketball game in the newly remodeled UIC Pavilion.
Sessions (CUPPA Hall, 412  S. Peoria Street):

  • Introductory GIS, 8:45 to 11:00 am or 11:15 to 1:30 pm
  • Census Access and Analysis, 8:45 to 9:45 am
  • Economic Development Incentives, 10:00 to 11:00 am
  • Nonprofit Strategic Management, 11:15 to 12:15 pm
  • Intergovernmental Relations, 12:30 to 1:30 pm


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