CUPPA Alumni Association
Board Meeting
February 9, 2010

In attendance:
            Jodi White Jones
            Abraham Deletioglu
            Peter Czubak
            Pegge Laemle
            Mike McDermott
            Maria Jimena Sayavedra
            Jason Saavedra
            Annie Ginzkey
            Helene Berlin
            Norm. West
            Jen Tammen
            Dean Pagano
Minutes taken by Katie Tully

  1. President’s Welcome and Introductions (H. Berlin)
  2. Dean’s Welcome (M. Pagano)Today University is fighting back against the state’s lack of funding by asking Governor and Comptroller for the $432m that the U of I system is owed.
    1. All UIC faculty and staff are taking 4 furlough days and 10 days for all deans; this savings to UIC is still a minimal amount ($4 million out of $1.7b budget). Misperception about funding problems: people think that UIC does not manage money well but in fact the deficit is due to the fact that state has not paid for what it said it would pay so now coming up short b/c legislature didn’t pass a revenue that would cover what was promised.
    2. College’s financial portion is actually doing really well. Tuition differential was raised last but still getting hammered from the subsidy from the state.
    3. March 8, 2010 there will be a rally w/ students and faculty to voice anger about funding situation
    4. IRRPP just hired a new director.
    5. Also looking for a director for UTC
    6. UPA hired new staffer too (all in December because now on hiring freeze)
    7. Bruce Katz has agreed to be a CUPPA commencement speaker
    8. Daley Urban Forum on 26/27 of April
    9. PA has increased for accepted students; both UPP (nationally ranked 12th or 13th) and PA (ranked 41st) are ranked in top 14% of urban planning programs
  1. Approval of Minutes 11/19/09
  1. Committee Reports:
    1. Student Alumni Connections
      1. Mentorship Program (M. McDermott)
        1. Good feedback from students so far. Will send out final questionnaire and survey in April.
      2. Career Prep Day 3/05/2010 – Jack’s Tap
        1. Have three career speakers and 8 reviewers. Good response from students, including undergrads. Still looking for reviewers so if interested let Mike know.
      3. Other
    1. Special Events
      1. Dean’s Challenge 2/04
        1. Dean Pagano DOUBLED his previous PR with FIVE free throws! Congrats Dean! He will spend his furlough days brushing up on bball skills.
      2. Annual Alumni Awards
        1. Still uncertain of the date and location….
      3. Holiday party was fun
        1. Food was great
    2. Professional Development (J. Tammen)
      1. PPP lecture/series: Original idea was: CTA Apple station (North/Clyborn) as a public private partnership discussion
        1. May need to expand to different entities beyond these because neither is being too cooperative. In talks with attorneys at CTA for dates at end of March or April.
      2. Small business Start Up Discussion and Resources (working with Gopi (associate director of Alumni Association)), likely will happen in April)
        1. Will be aimed at professionals but students welcome
        2. Lots of information about resources
  1. Finances – Peg Laemle
    1. Income and Expense Report
      1. We’re doing alright but looking forward to Alumni Appreciation Party. Everyone needs to contribute $50 whether you can make it to the party or not. Significant others and friends are welcome.
      2. Brewery tour was great: We made $29!
    1. Budget Update
      1. Currently at $1,647
  1. UIAA Update
  1. Next Meeting: May 25, 2010
  1. New Business
  1. Adjournment


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