CUPPA Alumni Board Meeting
Meeting Minutes
February 17, 2009
6:00-7:30 p.m.

In Attendance:
Jodi White Jones
Abraham Deletioglu
Peter Czubak
Angela Prazza
Anna Kulseth-Williams
Mike McDermott
Jennifer Tammen
Helene Berlin
Eve Ali Boles
Peggy Laemle
Rich DeLeo
Catherine Kannenberg
Bob Rice
Norm West
Anne Fuller
Katie Tully

Presentation by: Caryn Schultz Korman, Senior Associate Director, UIAA


    • UIAA Update, Caryn Schultz Korman
    1. New Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares name started on January 15
    2. Celebrated Homecoming over the first week of February and ended with volunteer appreciation day – over 200 people in attendance
    3. Lincoln Celebration on February 18th
    4. Thursday March 12 – leadership awards; Bob Rice will be honored
    5. University update:
      1. In rescission – each department asked to give back 10% of their budget; UIC in hiring freeze for 18 months (asked to give back 30% of remaining budget – this cut will affect our remaining constituent money) We currently receive $162 a quarter; about $650 a year
      2. State in huge deficit
      3. Planning a response to financial strains: not filling positions, trying to keep student numbers up, the faculty is being incredibly productive to try to keep students funded through their grants, UIC will be able to offer fewer assistantships.
    6. Illinois Connection
      1. Advocacy network for U of I, began as a program only out of Urbana
      2. Goal: to educate and mobilize alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends to become advocates for U of I, including Federal Advocacy
      3. Will put in requests for UIC Capital Funding
      4. 600,000 alumni between all campuses
      5. 1193 current ambassadors, 196 ambassadors from UIC
      6. Ambassador activities include:
        1. Read Illinois Connection action alerts
        2. E-mail legislators through the on-line network
        3. Minimal involvement
        4. Attend optional events such as Politics and Policy Forum and Lobby Days in Springfield
    • Approval of Minutes, Bob Rice
    • Professional Development
    1. Event with Women in Planning event happened last Thursday, 2/12. Was first in a series that WPD is having around book What Would Jane Say? (Published in April). Critique of what people like Jane Adams would say about what is going on in today’s planning. 80 people in attendance at Hull House. Got to have our name attached to the event and supplied cheese, crackers, and water.
    • Special Events
    1. Holiday Party – 80 -100 people attended, went well
    2. Alumni Achievement Award Banquet – Peter Skosey 2/27/09, 6 pm – 9ish
      1. Need a total headcount by end of this week
      2. All of the board should pay, and come. Let Jodi and Moira know ASAP.
    • Membership and Marketing, Anne Fuller
    1. Possibility of alumni happy hours; could be incredibly casual; Shedd, Art Institute, MCA, Jazz + cocktails
    2. Suggestion: CREW connection? Can we participate in some of their events? Maybe host a happy hour with them.
    • Student and Alumni Connections
    1. Career stories – Tuesday, February 24th
    2. Interview skills – Wednesday, March 11th
    3. CUPPA Career Fair – Friday, April 3rd
    • Finances
    1. As Caryn mentioned, we may not get all of our money this year
    2. Botanic Garden event last year – ended up at net zero
    3. Mugs are $10, purchase now! – Ended up in the black last year
    4. Ending balance $2,909
    • Wiki presentation
    1. Jodi- Business school does event called Chicago Works
      1. We should do something similar to what we are doing, pair up with them or call it something else (City Works?), utilize these connections for development work; Bennett from DPD to speak? Deena, Gia Biagi, Water Reclamation, Forest, etc.
      2. Maybe a similar program through CMAP, or incorporate it into the professional development
      3. How are public and private entities working, changing?
      4. Jodi will post on the wiki, Bob will send an email asking if anyone wants to spearhead City Works
    • Next Meetings: May 19th, 2009
    • New Business
    1. Move summer event to spring? Late May?
    • Adjourn