CUPPA Alumni Association Board Meeting Minutes
March 8, 2011 (make-up from 2/1/11 meeting)
CUPPA Hall, Room 110

Members present: Helene Berlin, Jonathan Becks, Laura Carroll, Moira O’Donovan, Walter Bush, Nicole Sims, Abraham Deletioglu, Peggy Laemle, Rebecca Mix, Michael McDermott, Conrad Pomykala
Staff Present: Jodi White Jones, Michael Pagano

  • President’s Welcome: Helene Berlin
  • The Jim Marek Award event went very well and was a great party
  • A lot of Jim’s family was there, which made it very special
  • Dean’s Welcome: Michael Pagano
  • The Marek award event was wonderful
  • Thanks in advance to the board for the diploma covers
    • Commencement will be May 6 at 9am at the UIC Forum
    • Terry Mazany, Interim CEO of CPS will be the speaker
  • Overall the college is in good shape
  • There will be two new UPP faculty
    • Transportation planner and an environmental planner
  • Student applications are strong in both grad programs and undergrad program
    • Over 500, about the same as this past year and an all-time high
  • UIC will not be seeing any effect from the recent state tax increase
    • None of the funds will go to higher ed, except paying off the state’s debt to the university
  • $695 million appropriated to the university to pay off the debt
    • Approximately $320 million to each UIUC and UIC, $30 million to UIS
    • Tuition will increase, allocation to the university will decrease
    • University is expecting a 13.5% decrease in support from the state, but revenue from tuition will increase
  • CUPPA will receive money from the tuition increase, but the institutes will not
  • Nik Theodore will be stepping down as director of CUED on June 30, but will remain as a full time UPP faculty member
  • Great Cities will take a significant hit from state funding decrease- 50% decrease
    • Dennis Judd, prof. of political science, is stepping into the director position
    • GA/RA positions will be reduced at GCI, but not in CUED
  • Campus still has money in reserves, so university can still make payroll
  • Approval of Minutes 11/16/10
  • Minutes approved by board
  • Committee Updates
  • Professional Development- Moira O’Donovan
    • Neighborhoods Go Green event with UPPSA and Farr on 3/3 was a success.
    • About 30 students and alumni were there.
    • Doug Farr gave an interesting presentation to supplement the exhibit
    • Other events, joint or otherwise, are worth exploring in the future
  • Special Events- Jodi White Jones
    • Inaugural Jim Marek Award was a success
    • Event made more money than in years past
      • Expected to make around $1000, made almost $2900
    • 72 people attended, 33 were comp’d guests of award winners, including Jim’s family
      • Double the usual number
    • Dean contributed ~$2000, UIAA $250, ~$500 from extra contributions
    • Only seven people on the board have not yet paid
  • Student Alumni Connections- Michael McDermott
    • Career Prep Event 2/25/11
      • Three speakers, including Nicole Sims and Dena Al-Khatib
      • Positive feedback from students
      • Post event at Jak’s Tap
      • We will definitely do it again next year
  • Financial Report- Laura Carroll
  • Marek Award
    • Not all financials are in yet, will figure out later
    • Made about $2900 from event
  • Getting more UIAA membership monies coming in
  • Approval for Reimbursement for following events:
    • Marek Awards
      • $319.64- wine
      • $105.21- children’s gifts (Jim’s family)
      • $146.58- award
      • $84.84- food
      • $290.62- food
    • Farr Event
      • Refreshments- $89.19
    • All expenses approved by the board 
  • UIAA Update- Conrad Pomykala
  • UIC Research Forum- 4/19
    • Conrad is looking for judges
    • Approximately 220 exhibits, each judge has a few
    • Good practice for students to present their research
    • Awards handed out to winners; several have been from CUPPA in the past
  • 2015- looking ahead to 50th anniversary of the current campus
  • Looking for reps from CUPPA to go down to Springfield for Lobbying Day on 4/6
    • Go down and lobby on behalf of the university
    • Transportation and talking points provided
  • New Business
  • Update on Mentoring Program (Student Alumni Connections) - Michael McDermott
    • Both groups (protégés and mentors) want the other group to take more initiative
    • More structure needed from the Board committee
    • More than 30 people in the program, up from 12, and most pairs have met
    • At least one protégé has gotten a job from program because of mentor
    • More logistical help needed from the Dean’s office or Board for program
      • Going through and managing applications, etc
      • College should host more events for the program
      • Jodi will look into options
  • Next Meeting: June 14, 2011
  • Board elections
  • Helene Berlin ends her terms as president, Rebecca Mix will take over
  • Adjournment- 7:05pm


From: Eichhorst, Amy F 
Subject: Recap of Illinois Connection Alumni Board Liaison Conference Call

Thank you all for taking your lunch hour late last week to participate in our first liaison meeting.  I really appreciate the interest of you and your boards in engaging more alumni in advocacy.  If we’re successful in keeping funding from the state and federal level high, this in turn should mean more funds for colleges and departments for faculty and staff.  More public funding will also keep tuition from rising too high and limiting access. 

Thank you in advance for helping to identify an alumnus from your board (or from your college) to attend the U of I Day at the Capitol event on Wednesday, April 6th.  Following is a link where you can find detailed event information and can also register for the event:

Secondly, below are links to our website and new video.  We update our website frequently with how much the state owes the university, news articles, advocacy tips, and information on events. 
·         Home page:
·         Sign up for Illinois Connection:
·         Tell-a-friend about Illinois Connection:
·         New Illinois Connection Video:


Board Participants:  Anne Kiraly (AHS); Megan Zack (A3); Sophie Bidek (A3; Greg Fasana (CBA); Cynthia Valenciano (Education); Fred Nickel (Honors College); Bharat Walia (LAS); Sabina Dambrauskas (Nursing), Nicole Milano (Social Work)

Staff:  Amy Eichhorst (Director, Illinois Connection, UIAA), Caryn Korman (UIC Alumni Relations), Melissa Newell (Assistant Director, IC)

Illinois Connection Demographics:
·         8,000 total.  2,579 hold a degree from UIC.  161 are current UIC students

Brief Legislative Update:
·         U of I receives 30% of its budget funding from the State of Illinois (16.4% in direct operating budget and 14.6% to pay for salaries and benefits)
o   Current FY 2011:  As of today, state owes U of I $427 million in previously appropriated funding
o   FY 2012 Budget:  The Governor released his budget request yesterday.  However, this is just the first step in the process.  The legislature will determine the final budget allocation.  The Governor wants to:
§  Keeps funding flat for the University - $697 million
§  Increase in MAP - $25 million for whole state (don’t know UI’s piece)
§  Funding for repair and renovation ($43 million at UIC)
§  ONLY CAPITAL IN BILL IS FOR UIC!  Advanced Chemical Technologies Escalation ($43 mill)
§  For any other capital, would need to have additional revenue
·         Federal side – 15.5% of University’s budget is from federal grants, apps and contracts.  Important for federal legislators to hear from us. 
·         Growing federal advocacy initiative
·         Pell Grants – Federal needs-based grants. 
o   In budget address, President proposed more overall money (11% increase), but will not allow students from receiving two Pell grants in a year (would affect summer school)
o   UI supports continuation of full funding of Pell – UI budget office is seeing what kind of an effect cutting the summer program will have on UI students
o   UI wrote a letter to the IL congressional delegation with U of Chicago and Northwestern in support of Pell

Illinois Connection Liaisons:
Goal:  Enhance two-way communication between Illinois Connection and alumni boards.  Provide alumni board volunteers with opportunities to be an effective voice in engaging fellow volunteers in Illinois Connection and advocacy for the University.

Role/Responsibilities:  Liaisons will participate in conference calls and receive emails about the University’s state and federal legislative priorities and key messages to advocate.  IC will also share information about Illinois Connection’s goals, activities and priorities.  Some examples of the way you as a liaison can help are:
·         Share Illinois Connection related information with fellow board members and alumni
·         Recruit additional Illinois Connection advocates for the on-line advocacy network
·         Ask alumni to contact their legislators when an Illinois Connection “call-to-action” is sent
·         Identify alumni who have connections/relationships with IL state and federal legislators, as well as federal legislators around the country
·         Encourage participation in Illinois Connection events
·         Identify one alumnus from their college/department/group to participate in U of I Day in the Capitol each year

Upcoming Events:
·         University of Illinois Day in the Capitol – April 6  -- Please identify one alumnus from your board to participate in lobby day.  For more information or to register, go to:
·         Annual Meeting – September 10 on the Urbana-Champaign campus

Contact Information:
Amy Eichhorst:  1/217-333-9826 or 1/800-524-1420
Melissa Newell:  1/217-333-9826 or 1/800-524-1420

THANK YOU again!  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Amy Eichhorst
Director, Illinois Connection

Alice Campbell Alumni Center | 601 S. Lincoln Ave. (MC-077)  |  Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: 217/333-0677  |  Fax: 217/244-8770

March 8, 2011

Dear CUPPA Alumni Board,
I am sorry that I am unable to attend your meeting this evening – I hope it goes well!  Below is some important information and highlights a few upcoming events – please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you need additional information. 
A few upcoming events:

  •  We have two Alumni Authors Programs coming up:
    • March 9, 2011 - 5:30-7pm @ the RD Library.  (Dominic Pacyga, historian, UIC alumnus, and professor in the History and Social Science Department at Columbia College will talk about his latest book, Chicago: A Biography and about writing immigration and ethnic history.)  Admission is free, but space is limited.  RSVP to


    • March 10, 2011 – 5:30-7pm @ SCE – Room  509 (conference room of the Alumni Association).  DETAILS: Three panelists question whether healthcare consumers develop unrealistic expectations of doctors and medicine after seeing too many dramatic television moments when an earnest, attractive a doctor plays the hero. Do patients expect to meet a Dr. House? Does "Grey's Anatomy" inspire college students to go to medical school?
      Admission is free, but space is limited.  RSVP to


  • Illinois Connection :
    • We had our first conference call with our IC Advocates from each board – we still need a liaison from CUPPA.  If you are interested, please let me know.  Thanks!
    • Save the date for Lobby Day in Springfield - Wednesday, April 6,2011.  Register online at:


  •  UIAA Leadership Awards Brunch - Sunday, April 10, 2011  (We will be honoring our Constituent Leadership Recipients, Student Leadership Recipients, Activities Honorary Society, and the Navy Pier Scholarship Fund.)
  •  Student Research Day - Tuesday, April 19, 2011 - 1-5:30pm @ UIC Forum.  (See below for details on becoming a judge.)


  • Save the date for the Annual Meeting with Chancellor Paula Allen-Mears - Tuesday, May 24th, 2011.  5:30 in SCE, 3rd Floor of the Tower.  This is the annual event for each board to present to the Chancellor and the CEO of the UIAA.  
  • Exit Survey - I am PLEASED to report with the support of the Chancellor, we will be able to run the Diploma Cover program again this year!  We are depending on help from the colleges and we will begin actively collecting data on our 2011 graduates starting in March through the Exit Survey program.  Please encourage all students to complete this brief survey so we can better serve them as alumni!


Respectively submitted,

Caryn A. Schultz Korman
Senior Associate Director
University of Illinois Alumni Association


UIC Student Research Forum
Tuesday, April 19, 2011
1:00pm - 5:30pm 
UIC Forum 
725 West Roosevelt Road

Description of Duties

.     Judges will be required to rate the quality of each student's
presentation in the following three categories: 1) abstract, 2) poster, and
3) 5-7 minute presentation plus 3-5 minute question-and-answer period.

.     Each judge will be given a form, and asked to rate each presenter in
each category.

.     Significant latitude will be offered on how to assign points in each
category, although a suggested point breakdown will be given on the judging form.

.     Please keep in mind that presentations ought to be judged mainly for
quality, and not necessarily for novelty of research findings. 

Judging forms will be given on the conference day, during check-in, or just prior to the conference day if necessary.