CUPPA Alumni Association Board Meeting Minutes
March 18, 2008

Present:  Helene Berlin, Tom Besore, Eve Ali Boles, Peter Czubak, Rich Deleo, Abraham Deletioglu, Anne Fuller, Jennifer Ganser, Kara Knack, Anna Kulseth-Williams, Peggy Laemle, Rebecca Mix, John Mukasa-Ssebaana, Angela Prazza, Bob Rice, Norm West

CUPPA Staff Present: Jodi White Jones, Michael Pagano

Bob called the meeting to order at 6:15pm.

  • Welcome & Introductions – Bob Rice


  • PASA AY 07-08 Overview – Evelyn Yang
    • Evelyn passed out a brochure from the last panel event – Spotlight on the General Services Administration
    • Students appreciated the resume and portfolio workshops and would like to see more of this kind of thing.
  • Approval of Minutes – The minutes from January 22, 2008 were approved.


  • Professional Development – Eve Ali Boles & Rebecca Mix
  • Spring Speakers Series  - only doing 2 this year
    • Green Planning
      • Event was well attended – there were at least 35 people.
    • No set topic or speakers for April event but trying to do it on Business Improvement Districts and Special Services Areas.
      • Planning has been slow on this – need someone to spearhead. 
      • Decided to postpone until the fall.
  • The Urban Transportation Center (UTC) Event on Transportation in Chicago
      • April 21, 2008
      • Elvira and David are working with Jodi and UTC
      • Want a downtown venue
      • Should be a very good turnout
      • Pricing will be similar to what it was 8 years ago
  • Experience UIC
      • Will happen on September 6, 2008
  • Special Events – Kara Knack
  • Award Event:
      • Relatively good attendance
      • The honoree was thrilled and gave a donation to the college at the end of the event
  • Commencement
      • Friday, May 9, 2008 at 10am at the new UIC Forum
      • If you want to volunteer, contact Jodi
  • Summer Event
      • The event will be held at the Chicago Botanic Garden
      • The committee has a conference call scheduled for March 31st at 7pm to get the details together.
  • Membership & Marketing – Tom Besore
      • Marketing list was handed out – the board members need to provide contact person updates
      • Flyers were distributed for the Green event which went well.
      • The committee is prepared to market future events too
  • Student and Alumni Connections – Angela Prazza
  • Resume and Career Week
      • Events went really well.  The career stories, how to build a portfolio, & resume workshop was really good and students stayed until 7:30pm.   Everyone plus some faculty moved over to Jak’s for networking afterwards.
      • There was great student and speaker feedback.
      • Tonight’s event – Interviewing Skills -  was not as well attended.
      • Why not open this up to alumni who could benefit as well?
      • The key for this is to partner with PASA and UPPSA
  • Internship Fair
      • Friday, April 4, 2008
      • Jobs and Internships
      • Organizations should come whether or not there are open positions
  • Financial Report – Peg Laemle
  • We came out $712 ahead on the award event
  • We made $215 on the Spring Speakers Series event – there were no expenses
  • We sold 4 more mugs
  • We are in good shape financially


  • New Business
  • Alumni Awards
      • Jodi White Jones handed out a list of alumni awards
      • There are a lot of potential awards that are open to nominations
      • Still working on writing up a process for how the CUPPA Alumni Association Award works
      • We will take a look at existing awards and at the June meeting, we will set a process for nominating in the future.
      • The awards on the handout are especially pertinent for CUPPA alumni
    • Board Meetings
      • Can we schedule two board meetings in the fall?
        • Mid-September & Mid-November
        • We’ll add this issue to the wiki for feedback


Next meeting is June 10,2008 at 6pm.
Adjourned at 7:15pm