CUPPA Alumni Association Board Meeting Minutes
September 2, 2008, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
412 S. Peoria, Rm. 110

Present: Yolanda Ayala, Helene Berlin, Tom Besore, Eve Ali Boles, Ruth Broder, Peter Czubak, Marcus Davis, Abraham Deletioglu, Anne Fuller, Matthew Hickey, Catherine Kannenberg, Valbona Kokoshi, Anna Kulseth-Williams, Peggy Laemle, Emily Tapia Lopez, Rebecca Mix, Mike McDermott, Kara Pennoyer, Angela Prazza, Elvira Reyes, Bob Rice, Ryan Richter, Joe Selbka, Nicole Sims, Kristina Wallig, Mary Wells, Evelyn Yang

Staff Present: Jodi White Jones, Michael Pagano
UIAA: Caryn Schultz Korman

  • President’s Welcome: Bob Rice


  • Dean’s Welcome and Report:
    • Two new UPP Faculty members- Sanjeev Vidyarthi and Joshua Drucker
    • Current searches in UTC and IRRPP
    • 76 new MUPP students
    • 41 new PA students
  • UIAA Report: Caryn Schultz Korman
    • New member model
    • Award nominations due 9/30
    • 12/6- Bulls Game and Volunteer Appreciation Night
    • Alumni Online Book Club


  • 6/10/08 meeting minutes approved
  • Committee Reports:
    • Student & Alumni Connections- Angela Prazza and Norm West
      • Career stories
      • More resume reviews and one-on-one for career info
      • Association Fair- bring in relevant organizations
      • Committee to meet again before the end of September
    • Professional Development:
      • Preparing for Experience UIC- 9/6
        • Hosted by campus and UIC Alumni Association
        • Tours, sessions, networking, campus highlights
        • For friends, parents, alumni, prospective students, faculty and staff
        • CUPPA- ‘Pedaling Ahead’
    • Special Events- Anna Kulseth-Williams and Peter Czubak
      • Holiday Party- possibly in January?
    • Membership & Marketing- Anne Fuller and Elvira Reyes
      • Recruitment and retention
      • More networking
      • Working with new graduates


  • Financial Report- Peggy Laemle
  • New Business
    • CUPPA Appreciation Award
      • Self-funding mechanism
      • Possible sponsors on this or other events
      • Nominations to Wiki page by 10/15- MUPP/planning focus this year


    • Adjournment- 7:46pm