CUPPA Alumni Association
Board of Directors Meeting and Annual Election
Sept. 14, 2010, 6:00 p.m., CUPPA Hall, Room 110, 412 South Peoria Street, Chicago, IL

In Attendance:
Jodi White Jones, Helene Berlin, Annie Ginzkey, Mike
Pagano,  Jennifer Tammen, Robert DeLeo, Temple Shepard, Adam Rogers,
Rebecca Mix, Eve Ali Boles, Mike McDermott, Jonathan Becks, Walter Bush,
Peter Czubak, Moira O'Donovan, Conrad Pomykala, Peggy Laemle, Abraham
Deletioglu, Laura Lassiter, Neal Drumm, Jeanny Wang

Minutes taken by Moira O’Donovan


  1. President’s Welcome: Helene Berlin
  2. Dean’s Welcome and Report: Michael Pagano
    1. Passing of Jim Marek, former Assistant Dean of CUPPA
    2. Passing of Nate, CUPPA custodian
    3. PA new faculty member- Kelly LeRoux
    4. Prof. Nanetti retired from UPP
    5. Largest CUPPA enrollment ever and academics continue to improve
    6. Financial state of the university
      1. State owes U of I system $200 million from FY10
      2. $698 million allocated to U of I for FY11 but won’t be paid until FY10 is paid
      3. New president Michael Hogan is creating new positions and new ideas about the university
      4. CUPPA is in a safe financial situation, but most university funding is from tuition and grants, not state taxpayers
      5. Tuition at UIC has generally increased about nine percent per over the past six years
  3. Approval of Minutes 6/22/10
  4. Committee Updates
    1. Professional Development: Jennifer Tammen
      1. 2010-2011 planning
        1. Fall event: panel about alternative housing types
          1. Late October/early November
          2. Looking for potential panelists- email Adam Rodgers with suggestions
        2. Spring event: discussion/panel about restaurateurs using sustainable practices
          1. Around April
          2. Looking for potential speakers, preferably those who would host the event at their restaurant
        3. Other ideas:
          1. Urban planning themed movie night
          2. Networking/small breakouts during board meetings
    2.  Special Events: Peter Czubak
      1. Oct. 3, 2010- Graceland Cemetery tour, 10am-12pm
        1. Docent from the Chicago History Museum
        2. Lunch at Fireside afterward
        3. $25 per person, all are invited
        4. Annie Ginzkey can accept cash, checks, or credit card for payment in advance
        5. Idea for next year- Haunted Chicago tour
      2. Holiday Party at Jak’s- tentatively set for 12/1
      3. Alumni Awards Ceremony- Feb/March
        1. $50 per board member (required even if not attending)
    3. Student and Alumni Connections: Eve Ali Boles and Mike McDermott
      1. Starting second year of mentoring program with students
        1. Aiming for 20 pairs that will meet for about one hour per month
        2. Have several interested mentors, working on getting more protégés
          1. Will add UPA students with understanding that grad students get priority
          2. Extending deadline for protégé application
          3. Committee matching mentors and protégés 9/30
        3. There will be a meet-and-greet with mentors and protégés in October
        4. Email Eve Ali Boles or Mike McDermott if interested in participating
      2. Career panels in March
        1. Alumni career stories
        2. Resume review and career discussions
        3. Cocktail hour at Jak’s afterward
        4. Looking for people interested in speaking/reviewing
  5. Financial Report: Laura Lassiter Carroll
    1. Board asked to contribute $120.67 to pay for UIC aprons given to alumni who helped cook at the Block Party
      1. Approved
    2. Line item for student and alumni connections will help pay for part of cost of meet-and-greet for new mentor and protégé connections
    3. UIAA allocated $800 to CUPPA alumni association for general use
      1. Up from $488 in previous years
      2. Given to us because of active board that uses its money well for alumni
    4. Approval of financial report by vote
  6. UIAA Update: Jodi White Jones
    1. UIAA is giving constituencies space on the U of I server to create improved alumni association websites
      1. CUPPA asked to be the first at UIC; will improve existing alumni association site
  7. New Business
    1. Nothing to report
  8. Upcoming Meetings
    1. Nov. 16, 2011
    2. (Holiday Party- Dec. 2010)
    3. February 1, 2011
  9. Adjournment

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