CUPPA Alumni Association Board Meeting
November 17, 2009
412 S. Peoria Street, Chicago, CUPPA Hall Room 110, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

ATTENDEES:  Anna Kulseth-Williams, Jimena Sayavedra, Jen Tammen, Peggy Laemle, Peter Czubak, Nicole Sims, Mary Wells, Kathleen Woodruff, Eve Ali Boles, Michael McDermott, Helene Berlin, Rebecca Mix, Katie Bowman, UPPSA, Jonathan Becks, PASA, Gopi Engineer, UIAA, Jodi White Jones, CUPPA, Michael Pagano, CUPPA.

President’s Welcome and Introductions:  Helene Berlin

      1. Kara Pennoyer resigned from the board to take a job in Madison WI working for a state representative.
      2. Marcus Davis resigned from the board.

Dean’s Welcome:  Michael Pagano 

      1. We have no information on budget. 
      2. CN gift for 300K to UTC for various things including Freight Transport Conference held on campus today with several alums in attendance.
      3. 147 PA students
      4. 62 UPA students (possible expansion to minor in this area to make program more sustainable)
      5. 234 UPP students

Approval of Minutes 9/02/09 - Katey Tully sick so they will be emailed and approved at next meeting.

Committee Reports:

  1. Professional Development
  2. Beyond Burnham 11/30  Push marketing so we have good attendance.  No charge.  No expenses.
  3. CTA Private Public Partnerships:  Try APPPLE store dt for location.  Panel discussion.  Maybe other public private partnerships -  Committee to work up date and location etc and send to board.
  4. Other possible topics for spring PD events.
  5. Overall charges minimal 10-15 dollars, free for students.
  6. Student Alumni Connections
  7. Report on Speed Networking Event – other schools had better turn-out but it was a good way to meet folks.  More marketing suggestions – hit twitter, hit Facebook more, more email reminders,….  Kat Woodruff to post more to Facebook.  Helene concerned about real estate connections for planners and the lack of attention in the UPP curriculum.  Timing in October would be better for students.  Target better and make audiences more clear on who should attend.  MUPP doesn’t make this clear that you should have a clue about real estate.
  8. Mentorship Program.  Pilot program with 14 proteges and 12 mentors.  Jen Tammen, Kat Woodruff, Noah Temaner Jenkins willing to be mentors. 
  9. Annual Resume and Career info on Friday, March 12, starting at 3.  Career stories, resume reviewers, mock interviews, Jak’s tap tentatively for after.
  10. Special Events
  11. Holiday Party – save the date reminder and one after Thanksgiving.
  12. Award Event – call for nominations to go out before Christmas, when due?  Location Lee’s, Other places?
  13. Other  Make announcements into Powerpoint slides for faculty to include in their weekly lecture notes for classes.
  14. Start thinking about summer event.  Tour of cemetery like Graceland or Rosehill (Daniel Burnham buried there, etc…) ; Midland Prairie;

Finances – Peg Laemle
Income and Expense Report , Budget Update

UIAA Update – Gopi Engineer. 
Alumni V awards dinner recognizing Mari Gallagher among others.
Illinois Connection – MAP monitary assistance award program grant award reinstatement – Sign up at
upcoming events, Feb 1-6 (UIC CARES volunteer day Feb 3)
Alum Volunteer Appreciation Day Feb 6 at bball game

Next Meetings:  February 9, 2010 / May 25, 2010   

New Business:  UPPSA with Chicago Metro Section of APA on January 14, 2010 on private sector, public sector, etc. on networking events at Jak’s.

Adjournment                                                                           7:33 p.m.



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