May 19, 2009
CUPPA Alumni Association Meeting
Minutes prepared by Katie Tully

In attendance:
Bob Rice, MUPP ‘02
Jodi White, MPA ‘02
Dean Michael Pagano
Abraham Deletioglu, MUPP ‘03
Peter Czubak, MPA ‘02
Manya Khan, MPA ‘07
Eve Boles, MUPP ‘94
Elise Smith, outgoing UPPSA Vice President
Marcus Davis, MUPP ‘05
Jana Feld, MUPP ‘06
Peggy Laemle, Treasurer, MUPP ‘01
Kathleen Woodruff, MUPP ‘09
Basia Bhojraj, MUPP ‘09
Richard DeLeo, MUPP ‘97
Nicole Sims, MPA ‘02
Jim Thompson, Dept of Public Administration
Beth Sholtis, MUPP ‘09
Aaron Kimberlin, MUPP ‘09
Monica Medrano, MUPP
Mary Wells, MUPP ‘93
Norm West, MUPP ’04, EPA
Maria Jimena, MUPP ‘08
Caryn Shultz Korman, UIC Alumni Association
Ruth Broder ‘92
Katie Tully, MUPP ‘08
Michael McDermott, MUPP ‘07
Helene Berlin, MUPP ‘01
Andy Wagner, UPPSA
Jason S., UPPSA President
Aleece Smith, MUPP
Jason Saavedra

  1. President’s Welcome and Introductions (Bob Rice, Dean Pagano)

Dean Pagano:

    1. It has been a great year for the college, lots of hope
    2. There were competing theories about rise/fall of applications due to recession, but this was the biggest application cycle ever.
      1. PA record number of applications in
      2. MUPP largest number of applicants applied for and admitted this year
        1. This does not mean that there will be resources to match the higher number of students. Waiting to hear from Governor. Has promised same amount of state funds this year as last year.
    3. Commencement occurred in May
      1. First graduating class from the undergrad UPA program.
    4. Very strong Alumni Association
      1. Result of strong leadership.
  1. Presentation by Caryn Schultz Korman and Helene Berlin
    1. Toast to Bob – Thanks for two and a half great years
        1. Gift from Alumni Association
        2. Gift from CUPPA Alumni Association
    2. Bob Rice
      1. Thanks for everything.
      2. Hopes the board serves as a resource to students.
      3. We have the most active alumni association board in the association.
  1. Approval of Minutes
    1. Helene moved, Abraham second
  1. Committee Reports & FY09 Wrap-up
    1. Professional Development (Marcus Davis, Matthew Hickey)
      1. Charrette overview– opportunity for students to work on the project in a real world, help community organization.
        1. We have the framework:
          1. 1 MUPP student, 1 MPA student, 1 Alumni.
          2. Hold a kick-off session to describe the project.
          3. All groups would present different ways to approach issue.
        2. Currently shopping it around – looking for an organization that is interested.
        3. Needs a bit of funding – will offer prizes to the winning team.
        4. Looking for new support and people who are interested.
        5. Ready to take it to the next level.
      2. Alumni Connections (Rich DeLeo)
        1. Met with DePaul Real Estate School
          1. Learned what they have done with their alumni  association, reached out and focused on commerce, reach out to professional community – private sector and/or government. 
          2. Speed networking
          3. Professional speakers
          4. Potential to hold joint activities with DePaul’s Real Estate program
    2. Special Events (Peter Czubak)
      1. Choose summer event
        1. CAF boat tour - $32
        2. Goose Island brewery tour – less family friendly
        3. Alumni will not be offering waterways tour
        4. Jason suggested that we do it really early in the school year to get eager students involved.
        5. Goose Island voted for at the event
          1. Katie will contact Rachel Weber to see if we know how many, Caryn will contact Business Alumni association to find out president’s name
        6. Review of Annual Alumni Appreciation party - $50
          1. All alumni are asked to attend event or to make an in-kind donation, usually held in winter.
        7. CUPPA Board Alumni Association Membership
          1. Need to become a member in good-standing of Alumni Association - $50
      2. Membership and Marketing (Jodi White)
        1. Might be better to just rely on everyone for marketing rather than having a specific group designated
      3. Student and Alumni Connections (Norm West)
        1. Main objective is to create a connection between alumni board and students.
          1. Career Fair
          2. Suggestion for a mixer where people can meet people and then shadow them for a day – potential event to organize with UPPSA.
          3. Have a meeting with reps from UPPSA.
  1. Financial Report (Peg Laemle)
    1. We have a strong budget, we brought in money from our Alumni Appreciation benefit
    2. We now use some money that we raise throughout the year for the Holiday Party
  1. Annual Election
    1. Call for additional nominations to attached slate
    2. Board vote
      1. Additions:
        1. Maria Jimena
        2. Aaron Kimberlin
        3. Monica Medrano
    3. Officer vote
      1. Helene Berlin, President
      2. Rebecca Mix, Vice President
      3. Kara Pennoyer, Treasurer
      4. Peg Laemle, Treasurer
      5. Katie Tully, Secretary
    4. Committees
      1. Student Alumni Connections – co-chair Mike McDermott,  Eve Ali Boles
      2. Professional Development – co-chair Anna Kulseth-Williams, Jennifer Tammen
      3. Special Events – co-chair Peter Czubak, Bob Rice
      4. Membership and Marketing – Review status this year.
  1. New Business
    1. Wiki – address at the bottom, Jodi will give you connection to it, can call Jodi for assistance
    2. Illinois Connection
      1. Please sign up – your advocacy efforts will make a difference
    3. Madigan asking for all Blago appointees to step down - TBD
  1. 2009-2010 Tentative Board Meeting Schedule
    1. September 1, 2009
    2. November 17, 2009
    3. February 9, 2010
    4. May 25, 2010 (annual elections)
  1. Adjourn