CUPPA Alumni Association Board Meeting Minutes
August 22, 2011
CUPPA Hall, Room 110

Members present:
Rebecca Mix McFadden, Michael McDermott, Moira O’Donovan, Jonathan Becks, Helene Berlin, Eve Ali Boles, Laura Lassiter Carroll, Peter Czubak, Abraham Deletioglu, David Flint, Stacey Flint, Danielle Gallet, Annie Ginzkey, Whitney Panneton, Conrad Pomykala, Adam Rogers, Temple Shepard, Kat Woodruff, Elizabeth Fu

Staff Present: Dean Michael Pagano, Jodi White Jones, Cristina Silva, Emma Heemskerk,

I. President’s Welcome- Rebecca Mix McFadden

II. Dean’s Welcome
• Two new UPP faculty starting this year: Ning Ai (environmental planning) and Nebiyou Tilahun (transportation)
• Karen Mossberger- new head of PA
• David Merriman- new Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs
• CUED- looking for a new director to replace Nik Theodore
• GCI- search committee put together for a new head of institute, chaired by the Dean of Public Health
• Financial state of the college
• Higher ed in state was preparing for a 13% cut for FY12, but only 1.15% cut across state
• UIC ended up with 4.75% reduction
• Allows for growth in higher ed
• $4.1 million building work, including façade work and foyer improvement, $1.5 million window replacement
• Keep pressure on legislature because higher ed might not be a priority next year

III. Approval of Minutes from 5/10/11 Meeting
• Approved

IV. Committee Updates
• Professional Development- Adam Rogers
• Meeting after 8/22 meeting to plan and schedule events for coming year
• Possible events around housing, rooftop event
• Special Events- Peter Czubak and Kat Woodruff
• Morton Arboretum tour possible for fall
• ~10am start, ~1030 tram tour, followed by lunch (picnic, box lunches or café at arboretum)
• emails and/or evite will follow with details
• Arboretum is semi-accessible via public transportation
• ~2 miles from Metra station
• carpool possible
• bike possible- paved roads through arboretum
• Other possible option- Tour of Humboldt Park
• Info about this needed
• Dec. 5- Holiday Party at Jak’s Tap
• Jim Marek Appreciation Award Banquet- Feb/March 2012
• Student Alumni Connections- Michael McDermott
• Mentoring program- ramping up now
• Mentor applications are due 8/26
• Protégé applications go out 8/29
• Monthly commitment requirement- lunches, professional events
• Themes set each month- ideas to discuss (e.g., resumes, networking, etc)
• 11 people are signed up, would like 6-8 more for a 1:1 ratio
• doesn’t matter how much professional experience a mentor has
• Kick-off event Oct. 21
• Spring Career Prep event
• Resume review, networking skills workshop

V. Financial Report
• Estimated balance as of 7/1/11- $5,412
• UIAA Sustaining/Life Membership contribution- increasing to $300 per quarter in FY12 (up from $200 FY11)- total of $1,200
• New expense in FY12- $500 contribution to UPPSA/PASA
• Increasing budget to Student Alumni Connections events
• FY11- made money on Uncommon Ground tour event
• Reminder- all members requested to donate $50 for Jim Marek event
• Year’s biggest fundraiser
• Still looking for someone to host the event
• Dean Pagano- thank you for contribution to student BBQ and other events- great use of funds
• Approval of expenses-
• block party food and aprons- $131.94- APPROVED
• board meeting catering- $36.46- APPROVED
• 100 diploma covers- $200- APPROVED


VI. UIAA Update
• Alumni Five event- 10/14/11
• Erma Tranter- Alumni Achievement Award
• Benet Haller- City Partner Award
• Do we want to purchase a table at event for $750?
• Four people interested in sitting at table- Jodi will email to coordinate
• Do we want to purchase an ad for program to congratulate winners?
• $500 full page ad- APPROVED
• Conrad P- UIAA staff at UIC shrinking (~2.6)
• They need our support

VII. New Business
• UPPSA- shadow program
• Students to shadow alumni
• Part of mentorship program?
• One day events
• Student Alumni Connections might take this on
• Possible sign up at holiday party

VII. Board Meeting Schedule
• Nov. 14, 2011- 11:30am-1:00pm
• Dec. 5, 2011- 5pm- Alumni Holiday Party
• Feb. 6, 2012- 7:30-9am
• May 14, 2012- 6-7:30pm- Annual Meeting and Election

IX. Adjournment