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Membership and Marketing Committee

Co-Committee chair:  Catherine Kannenberg
Co-Committe chair:  Thomas Besore

The main goals of the Membership and Marketing Committee are to increase membership in CUPPA-AA, recruit more extensive participation in its board and committees, and actively market its events.

The committee chair monitors membership, although all board members are responsible for recruitment.  The committee is responsible for developing strategies to recruit new members.  The committee should periodically review and update all recruitment materials, including the CUPPA-AA membership brochure.  Committee members should be available to speak with potential CUPPA-AA members to inform them about membership benefits.

Board and Committee Recruitment
Each committee member should be responsible for bringing in one new board or committee member each year.

In 2004, the committee developed a plan to actively market Alumni Association events to alumni, students, and other professionals.  The committee will oversee plan implementation and update it regularly to enable the CUPPA-AA to reach out to as broad an audience as possible to boost event attendance and broaden awareness of CUPPA and the Alumni Association.

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Professional Development Committee

Co-Committee chair:  Rebecca Mix
Co-Committee chair:  Marcus Davis
Co-Committee-chair:  Eve Ali Boles

The Professional Development Committee seeks to promote the professional development of alumni, current students, and other urban planning, public administration, and public affairs professionals by organizing and hosting educational and networking opportunities.  These events usually include the Spring Speaker Series and the Life-Long Learning Day.

Spring Speakers Series
The Spring Speakers Series is a three-part series of panel discussions on issues important to urban planners and public administrators.  Committee members identify topics and draw volunteer speakers from CUPPA alumni, faculty, and the broader urban planning, public administration, and public affairs professions,with an emphasis on professionals in the field.  The intended audience includes CUPPA alumni, students, faculty, and other professionals.

Life-Long Learning Day
Each year, the committee defines an educational theme for the Life-Long Learning Day, a one-day program of professional development workshops, with an emphasis on enhancing the practical skills of CUPPA alumni and other urban planners and public administrators.  The committee recruits trainers with an emphasis on CUPPA faculty and alumni, but includes other professionals.

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Special Events and Fundraising Committee

Co-Committee chair: Kara Knack
Co-Committee chair: Audrey Wennink

The main purpose of the Special Events and Fundraising Committee is to organize activities that provide opportunities for alumni to network, socialize, and renew acquaintances in a social atmosphere.  In addition, the committee works to create fundraising activities to further the economic stability of the organization.

The events this committee coordinates should reflect the educational aspects of the college and of UIC CUPPA by including, but not limiting to, scholastic, athletic, and cultural events.  Additionally, events should not be restricted to activities of interest to alumni alone, but should at times include activities that are of interest and that are open to alumni families. 

Each year the Special Events and Fundraising Committee should strive to coordinate at least three special events.  These events can include holiday parties, architectural tours, UIC sports outings, educational events, class reunions, and the annual appreciation award ceremony and fundraiser.

Annual Appreciation Award and Fundraiser
This event was established in 2004 to recognize an individual who has demonstrated significant support of and commitment to CUPPA, its students and alumni, and the fields of urban policy, public affairs, and public administration.  The honoree is nominated by this committee and approved by the entire CUPPA-AA board of directors.  The fundraiser event itself is a small gathering to present the award, to generate funds, and to allow board members and special guests to socialize informally.

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Student and Alumni Connections Committee

Committee chair:  Sarah Wiebenson
Co-chair:  Angela Prazza

The Student and Alumni Connections Committee promotes the sharing of professional knowledge with current students to help guide them on their career paths and provide them with networking opportunities. The committee also provides opportunities for alumni to share their professional knowledge with students. To date, the main committee responsibility has been recruiting and coordinating speakers for the MUPP professional development course. Committee members also introduce new students to the Alumni Association at MUPP and MPA orientations. Other activities the committee should engage in include assisting with the student internship fair, coordinating special scholarship activities, and developing and implementing a mentoring program.

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