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Urban Planning and Policy Alumni

Raymond D. Massenburg PPA ‘07
Since graduating CUPPA I have obtained a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Illinois, School of Public Health. I am currently working on a two multi-year studies:
1) Chicago Cancer Navigation Project
2) REAL TIME assessment of barriers to breast and cervical cancer treatment
-Ray (8/07)

Gay K. Morris MUPP ’05
Hello and Happy New Year!
It is hard to believe that over six months have passed since I graduated from UIC, relocated to Los Angeles, and resumed working for the City of Compton. I am hard at work adjusting to changes made during my five year absence and to my responsibilities as Senior Planner, second in command, in the newly created Planning and Economic Development Department. I am happy to report that both my previously acquired planning skills and new learning are being put to good use!

Some projects/activities in which I have been involved or managed include:
1) Representing the City of Compton, one of 15 reps selected nationwide, to participate in a focus group (St. Louis, MO) in preparation/planning for the 2010 Census;
2) Adoption of an ordinance regulating the location, siting and development standards of personal wireless service facilities;
3) Development of a Facade Improvement Grant Program including preparation of a council workshop, and interview and selection of architectural consultants;
4) Ongoing review of the Gateway Town Center Project (our largest mixed-use, commercial,500,000 sq. ft./residential, up 150 units, project); and
5) Producing the first ever in Compton, World Town Planning Day which included a community capacity building workshop, exhibition of community organizations, community mapping contest by elementary school children and recognition of citizen planners. Our theme was "Building on the Strengths of Compton- People and Planning Contributing to the Livability of Compton".
So that's been my life in a nutshell. I would love to hear about the latest developments in yours. (01/06)

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Lynn Peemoeller MUPP ’03
is working at Sustain as the Project Coordinator for the Local Organic Initiative, which contributes to the work on regional food systems in the Midwest. Over the summer she worked for the Department of Cultural Affairs at Gallery 37 as their Urban Agriculture Liaison. Also this summer she turned a vacant lot in Bucktown into a vegetable and flower garden and sold the produce at the Homegrown Farmers market in Humboldt Park. Lynn serves as the Secretary for the Chicago Food Policy Advisory Council and has been active in steering the development of policy initiatives for the city and state. She can be contacted at (12/04)

Heather O. Holmes MUPP '02
The Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) is pleased to announce the promotion of Heather O. Campbell who stepped into her new role effective Jan. 1, 2005.
Campbell’s move is an expansion of responsibilities from her previous position as urban development associate. She now will serve in a newly created role at the Council: capacity building manager. Campbell will coordinate MPC’s local assistance to communities, helping them to address development challenges in line with MPC’s policy work in community revitalization, sensible growth, and expanding housing options in job-rich areas.
After earning her Masters in Urban Planning and Policy at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Campbell completed internships with the American Planning Association and Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission before joining the Council in 2002. Her experience directing MPC’s zoning reform efforts in four Chicago neighborhoods has prepared her to manage the Council’s technical assistance initiatives throughout northeastern Illinois.
“I’m looking forward to applying my planning background beyond the city limits, while helping MPC forge new partnerships with planners, developers, and elected officials from across the region, as we continue to help solve local development challenges,” said Campbell.

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Mari Gallagher MUPP '00
Mari has recently released a report that is receiving national attention from policy makers and health officials around the country as well as media venues such as CNN and National Public Radio. The report, Examining the Impact of Food Deserts on Public Health in Chicago, sponsored by LaSalle Bank, is now available free online. You can also watch a short video that highlights a presentation of the research findings and the response from a diverse, expert panel at a recent forum held at the Chicago Palmer House Hilton. To access the report click here and scroll to the end of the page. (08/06)

Michelle Lynn Story-Stewart PPA ’00
and her husband Neil were recently blessed with the birth of their second son, Salim.  He was born December 7, 2000.  After spending a few months with him and his older brother, Jabari (2 yrs. old), Michelle will be looking for work at a foundation or CBO in urban planning. (12/01)

Elizabeth "Betsy" Sweet MUPP '92, PPA '00
From IRB to FSB: Academic Adventures in Siberia with Elizabeth “Betsy” Sweet.  In her own words:

After having to go through UIC’s Internal Review Board (IRB) training and getting approval for my dissertation research in Mexico for a second time, I thought I had jumped all the hurtles of the bureaucratic red tape connected to research.  That of course was until I got tangled up with the FSB, the new KGB in the former Soviet Union.  I was teaching qualitative methods in economic analysis, at Omsk State University in Siberia, through the Civic Education Project based at Yale University.  My students were researching projects using qualitative methods including oral histories, focus groups, and participant observation.  Some students interviewed their grand mothers who had small businesses, some observed different types of markets, and others interviewed workers at different factories.  All of the students had verbal consent of their subjects to perform the interviews. The purpose of the assignment was to connect the types of data collection processes with economics and international business. 

A director of one of the factories where one of my students conducted three interviews signaled the FSB that someone was talking to one of his workers.  Signaling is another word for snitching.  The FSB proceeded to make copies of the student papers and then called me in for a chat.  They were very concerned that the information my students collected was incorrect and could hurt the image and competitiveness of the Omsk Region if published in the West.  The FSB also did not approve of qualitative methods. 

There are many possible reasons why I was singled out by the FSB and why such a big deal was made of my students’ research.  They range from the FSB wanting to practice their English to continued xenophobia and spy-mania from cold war times to the fear that critical analysis and primary data collection would/could challenge the status quo of the old Communist system (which for all intensive purposes still exists in Omsk).  In the end, they informed me that I was not to teach these unapproved methods or use the information my students had collected in any published report.  The moral of the story is that wherever you go internal review boards will follow you, even to Siberia though they use a different acronym. (12/01)

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Jana Carp MUPP '94, PPA '99
I am almost finished with my Ph.D. in Public Policy Analysis at UIC. I will be presenting my theoretical work on planning practice at the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) annual meetings in Pasadena. (1/99)

William F. Cecil PPA ’99
currently does volunteer work at Great Lakes Naval Base. (12/01)

Stacey Flint MUPP ‘99
Upon graduation in 1999 I accepted a position as Policy Director for the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs (JCUA).  I enjoyed four years with JCUA advocating on a wide range of social justice issues from the Death Penalty to Affordable Housing. My most challenging position came as CEO of MOT (Mother of Two) for Lauren Simone (5) and David J. (3).  I began my reentry into the planning arena in 2005 as a Housing Specialist for State Representative Karen Yarbrough of the 7th district. I am most excited about my recent move to Bethel New Life, Inc. (as of March 2007), where I am a project manager in the Real Estate Development division.  I can’t wait to reconnect with other alumni and professors. (04/07)
Stacey Flint
Project Manager
Bethel New Life, Inc.
4950 W. Thomas
Chicago, Illinois
773-473-7870 x189

Alan P. Mamoser MUPP ’99
I’ve accepted a position with Southeast Environmental Task Force in Hegewisch Neighborhood. This non-profit organization leads environmental initiatives throughout the Calumet region in Illinois and Indiana. I will manage the Calumet Environmental Corridor project and related programs. It was a great pleasure to work at NIPC for six years. I began in Oct ’99 just as our Common Ground and the Framework Plan initiatives were getting underway.  It was a marvelous experience. (10/05)

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Nori Bleiman MUPP '98
I am now working for the City of Chicago as a project coordinator in the Department of Planning. (1/99)

Charlton Hamer MUPP '98
I moved from Chicago to Bridgeport, Connecticut in February of 1999. As executive director of Shore Area Community Development Corporation (SACDC), I've found it quite challenging to get acclimated to the political, real estate, construction, social service and demographic milieu of the Northeast. Shore Area is a relatively young CDC with a portfolio of approximately 400 affordable housing units between Bridgeport and New Haven, Connecticut. Currently I'm monitoring the development of a 102 unit SRO, which upon my arrival, was behind schedule. Those of you who are familiar with LIHTC projects know the urgency of completing these developments on time. One of my many goals is to expand SACDC's real estate-based economic development activities. I miss Chicago tremendously and would love to hear form other alums dealing with similar issues. (1/00)

Gerald Hollowell MUPP '98
Gerald A. Hollowell is currently on military leave from the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA).  While working at the CTA, he worked in the Planning Department as a coordinator of schedule systems and development.  His current position in the Illinois Army National Guard includes serving as the recruitment and retention officer for the northern region of the State of Illinois. His current rank in the military is Major (04). (12/01)

Eden Hurd MUPP '98
After graduating in May, I secured a position as Director of non-profit organization and also do consulting on proposal/grant writing, incorporation, and 501(c)3 status. (1/99)

Rachel M. Johnston MUPP '98
I am developing affordable housing for a private developer. (1/99)

Alice Lee Ulmer MUPP '98
Alice Lee Ulmer works as an asset manager for Bank of America’s community development commercial projects in the Carolinas and mid-Atlantic regions. Email: (12/01)

Cinda K. Lester MUPP ‘98
After passing planning and architecture licensing exams in 2000 and 2001, I quit working for someone else and started my own firm - 12/12 Architects & Planners - in 2003.  Since then, I've moved to Downers Grove, completed a variety of residential, commercial and religious architectural and planning projects, taught architecture at College of DuPage, had a son (Cooper, 1/04), started teaching architecture and interior design at Westwood College in Woodridge, and just recently had a daughter (Kellar, 9/05).  It's been a busy few years!  I can be reached at (01/06)

Jason Wittenberg MUPP '98
I've been a planner for the city of Minneapolis since shortly after graduation. My wife and I have two sons, Calvin and Carter. (3/02)

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Heidi Dlubac MUPP ’97
Heidi Dlubac is working as a planner in the Capital and Space Planning Department at the University of Washington.  She is creating a web-based facilities management system that links tabular data with graphic images and drawings. (12/01)

Mark Dwyer MUPP ’97
is currently working in the research/public asset management division as a planner for Cook County Department of Planning and Development.  His division recently finished a two-year effort to raise awareness and increase participation in Census 2000.  The division also helped research and write Cook County’s five year Consolidated Housing and Community Development Plan for HUD and serves on the local Work Force Investment Board.  In addition, Mark is busy at home with his son Kyan who is two years old. (12/01)

Eugene Fregetto PPA '97
I retired from the Chicago Transit Authority after 25 years of service as a Contract Officer in the Purchasing Department. Presently, I have increased my teaching for UIC's Managerial Studies Department - teaching courses in small business consulting, entrepeneurship and an array of marketing courses such as consumer behavior, product management, and international marketing. In addition to teaching, I consult with several firms in the areas of government contracting, minority contracting programs, and business analysis. Please feel free to e-mail me at (1/00)

Steven Matkovich MUPP '97
After becoming engaged in April, 1998, I plan to be happily married in July, 1999. I am working for a marketing research company where I specialize in media evaluation, market intelligence and business led development programs. (1/99)

Thomas Worthy MUPP '97
Currently, Development Manager for off-site development for the Chicago Housing Authority; current focus is the Cabrini Green area and the west side of Chicago. Served as the Executive Director of the Mid-South Planning and Development Corporation in Chicago's Bronzeville community, and as Economic Development Director at the Lawndale Christian Development Corporation in Chicago's North Lawndale community. Member of several construction management partnerships and an MBE/WBE monitoring firm. (8/02)

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Joseph J. Bird MUPP ’96
has been a Chicago Police Officer for three and a half years.  Joseph is also working on a law degree from John Marshall Law School, which he expects in January 2002.  Joseph resides in the Beverly Community with his wife Regina and son Sean, and anticipates the arrival of another child. (12/01)

Tim Bleuher MUPP '96
I worked for the City of Overland Park, Kansas, as Assistant Planner for a year and a half. The city was voted as "Best Place to Raise a Family" in 1987. I have worked for the City of Chandler, Arizona as Planner I since January 1998. The city was named second fastest growing city in the nation in 1998, population now 160,000. I specialized in urban design and architecture at both positions. I intend on continuing in urban design planning. (1/99)

Victoria Highland MUPP '96
moved to San Francisco after graduation where she worked for four years in the non-profit and public sectors as a development/GIS specialist.  Since October 2000, she has settled down with Andersen where she consults on business and government eStrategy. (12/01)

Tim Lohrentz MUPP '96
After graduating in 1996, I spent 15 months in West Africa (Guinea-Bissau), working for the US Agency for International Development. I worked on an environmental impact study and offered technical assistance to market vendors in design and management. I have been working at UICUED since January, 1998 on a variety of economic development projects. (1/99)

Anne Ray MUPP '96
After three years directing a public education campaign about affordable housing with the Family Housing Fund in Minneapolis, I am now living near Paris while my husband works as a researcher. I am working as a consultant to my former employer and others, doing policy research and writing. Please e-mail me at or come visit! (1/00)

Thomas Reid Mackin MUPP '96
I was hired by my current company, Singer Safety, while I was assisting it in relocation planning, as the industrial field representative of the Greater North-Pulaski Development Corporation. (1/99)

Virginia Pace MUPP '96
I am ecstatic on being part of the team, Holsten Development, partners with Kenard Development, which was recently selected by the City of Chicago to redevelop the first portion of the Cabrini Green area into a mixed income community. The development will have many challenges in building consensus and developing long term community relationships. (1/99)

Edwin E. Pawlowski MUPP '96
I am currently the Executive Director of a community development corporation in the Lehigh Valley area of middle-eastern Pennsylvania serving the cities of Allentown, Bethlehem, Reading and Easton. (1/99)

Gabriela Roman MUPP '96
works as the associate director of the Near Northwest Neighborhood Network, a community organization in West Town/Humboldt Park area.  She oversees economic development, housing, employment and technology initiatives including the Humboldt Park Redevelopment Area.  The Humboldt Park Redevelopment Area is an asset-based community development effort to build new affordable housing and promote commercial development on Division Street, known as ‘Paseo Boricua’ and North Ave. (12/01)

Nicholas Shapiro MUPP '96
In the four years since I finished my course work at UIC, my wife and I have had two sons (Daniel, age 4, and Martin, age 1) and have moved from Chicago to Columbia, Missouri. Despite these major changes, I continue to work as vice president of both the Chicago Equity Fund and the Illinois Equity Fund, two low-income housing tax credit firms that invest in affordable rental housing in the Chicago area and throughout the rest of Illinois. And more recently, I have also become president of the Community Reinvestment Fund, which invests in affordable or mixed-income for-sale housing, neighborhood shopping centers, and historic rehabilitation projects in low- and moderate-income Chicago communities. Most of the time I telecommute from Columbia, although having a second home in the South Loop helps out for my relatively frequent business trips (and occasional family vacations) to Chicago. Things are very hectic, but a lot of fun. (4/00)

Quentin Stevens MUPP '96
Quentin completed a PhD at the University of Melbourne and has recently been promoted to senior lecturer in urban design at Bartlett the School of Planning, University College London. See:
He also recently published two books, Loose Space: possibility and diversity in urban life (2007) edited with Karen A. Franck, and The Ludic City: exploring the potential of public spaces (2007). He will be coming to Chicago to speak at the ACSP/AESOP joint conference being hosted by UIC in July 2008. (11/07)

Terri Texley MUPP '96
I have been a project manager at the City of Chicago Department of Planning for almost 2 years. I manage new development projects in the South Loop. Prior to that, I was the Executive Director for the Greater Northwest Development Corporation, focusing on commercial development at Six Corners on Chicago's northwest side. Email me at or . (1/00)

Raymond Webster MUPP '96
After completing over 2 1/2 years of service with the City of Aurora, Illinois, I accepted a position with the Community Development Commission (CDC) of Los Angeles County. I have been with the CDC since March 1, 1999 and my main responsibility is to oversee all aspects of the Consolidated Plan. I also participate in setting policy for the Los Angeles Urban County Program (e.g. citizen participation, budgeting, and programming). (4/00)

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LaVonne Ann Downey PPA ’95
is providing clinical evaluation of the Chicago Medical School and is an evaluator of a federally funded pregnancy prevention program for Lake County Health Department.  She also works as an evaluator/research consultant for Mt. Sinai Medical Center. (12/01)

Tom Kaiser MUPP '95
I am an Aviation Consultant at Landrum and Brown. I specialize in developing financial models for airport clients and participate in land use projects (e.g. consolidated rental car facilities). (1/99)

Diane McCarthy MUPP '95
After several years with UIC's Institute of Government and Public Affairs, I have returned to the graduate school life where I am pursuing a PhD in evolutionary biology at UIC. I live on the northwest side of Chicago with my husband and two greyhounds, and can be reached at . (9/04)

Jay Rosenberg MUPP ’95
is an equity analyst for Advantus Capital Management, a subsidiary of Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance Company.  He analyzes public real estate companies for portfolios including a dedicated real estate mutual fund, pension fund and 401k accounts and the life insurance general accounts. (12/01)

Noah Temaner Jenkins MUPP '95
After 5 years directing an academic evaluation of the Federal Empowerment Zone Program, both at UIC's Great Cities Institute and then at DePaul University's Egan Urban Center, I recently joined the private sector. I am now a part of the affordable housing team at LR Development, a Chicago-based private development company. (1/00)
Noah Temaner Jenkins and Davis Jenkins’s daughter Olive Louise Jenkins was born August 12, 2000. (12/01)

Dave L. Walker MUPP ’95
is currently working with Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill LLP (SOM) as an architect and planner. (12/01)

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Johnnie C. Cole MUPP ’94
was recently appointed to a statewide $7.5 million Illinois Community Technology Fund, sponsored by Ameritech.  He also recently completed a study on the Illinois Juvenile Justice System, “The Criminalization of a Generation,” that was published by the Community Renewal Society.  Johnnie was also appointed director of a Community Technology Center in the CHA Lowden Homes Development. (12/01)

Erik Glass MUPP '94
I purchased a two-flat in Logan Square in June. I have been promoted to Manager of the Data Analysis Unit of the Chicago Police department, and I am working very hard to promote the "community" in community policing (1/99)

Jennifer Healy Thornton MUPP '94
I am the Director of the South King County Tech Prep Consortium, a partnership of eight school districts, three community/technical colleges, one four -year university, businesses, labor and the community. The consortium manages regional tech prep and school - to - work activities. I married Jay Thornton in 1997 and reside in Seattle. (1/99)

Maria Hernandez Lyons MUPP ’94
over the past few years has been concentrating on expanding her family (three girls, Malena, Arielle, and Lyra).  In addition, she has been expanding her role with the Joliet Police Department.  Originally Maria was hired to act as a resource in evaluating their community policing effort and now she is the head of a unit that oversees grant proposals, the Web site, and the development of new programs for the department. (12/01)

Michael Holzer III MUPP '94
I am in my tenth year at the New City YMCA LEED Council. My master's project, which was finished in 1991, was on the feasibility of creating an industrial park on Goose Island. Planning for the Goose Island Industrial Park began in 1995 and, as of September 1998, the industrial park is 100% leased with the job creation and industrial development projections on target to those in my 1991 Master's project. I married Amy E. Odgers in October, 1995. She is a physician at Gottlieb Hospital in internal medicine and we live in a historic house in the Ukrainian Village on the north side of Chicago. (1/99)

Eric Martin Glenn MUPP '94
I am a Planner II in the Will County Land Use Department, and I am a licensed Real Estate Agent with West View Realty on the South Side of Chicago. (1/99)
I have been quite busy since my graduation. My first job - which I held for six months - was as a planner for the City of Harvey. Then, in 1995 I found my current place of employment with Will County. I am responsible for subdivision and site redevelopment review, and I also act as a project manager updating Will County's Zoning Ordinance. When I am not working as a planner, I work as a real estate agent at West View Realty on Chicago's south side. I recently completed coursework to become a licensed real estate appraiser. So I have my hands full at the moment! In the summer of 2000 I plan to wed the lovely and beautiful Sandra Jones, my fiancée. (1/00)

Stephanie Rodman MUPP '94
is currently senior staff counsel at the Illinois Housing Development Authority and works as an attorney in affordable housing finance.  Stephanie was married in 1998 and recently bought an old house in Oak Park. (12/01)

Kathleen Stauffer MUPP '94
I've stayed at the University of Illinois at Chicago after finishing my degree. I worked at Center for Economic Development (UICUED) for 2 1/2 years and have been at the Urban Transportation Center (UTC) for the last 2 1/2 years. One the personal front, a milestone has been reached: my oldest child just went off to college. The house seems very empty and quiet now that her brother has no one to fight with anymore. (1/00)

Thomas R. Warne MUPP '94
I am a second year medical student at the University of Chicago. I spent the summer of 1998 in South Africa doing community research in preparation for HIV vaccine trials; I was named a 1998 Chicago Schweitzer Urban Fellow by the Health and Medicine Policy Research Group. (1/99)

Lidan Yang MUPP '94
I have been working for Metra for four years now. It was a great ride, as they say: "the way to really fly!"  (1/99)

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Mary Buchheid Sigmon MUPP '93
I am currently working as an urban planner for Burgess & Niple, Inc.  I worked for the City of Chicago Department of Environment from 1991-1998 and held the position of Clean Cities Coordinator for the City of Chicago from 1995-1998. I have a 2 year old daughter Isabel and live in Cincinnati, my city of origin. (7/02)

Antonio Delgado PPA '93
Dr. Antonio Delgado's work in rural (largely Hispanic and Indian) Northern New Mexico focuses on the development of a comprehensive health plan for the region. A major component of this plan is substance abuse prevention and the construction of a youth center.  Antonio is also involved in several US-Mexican projects that focus on economics, cultural, and historic resources that would stimulate bilateral trade. The US Department of Education, Justice, and Health & Human Services also utilize Antonio's expertise in Hispanic and Indian populations - and call upon him regularly as a project consultant and grant reviews. (1/00)

Elizabeth (Kitty) Gilbert MUPP '93
I am working as a community development planner for Cook County, where I've been employed for just over two years. (1/99)

Geoff Graves MUPP ‘93
continues to career along the path since graduation.  He first began working for the LEED Council of the YMCA as a program director for research and program development. He remained there until 1994 when he moved to Sydney, Australia, and became the executive director of the Canterbury Bankstown Economic Development Centre. Subsequently he moved to the NSW State Emergency Management Committee, writing flood and bushfire plans and parts of the National Disaster Mitigation Strategy. Other "highlights" include the Plan for the Re-Entry of Radioactive Space Debris (!) and the Y2K plan. At that point he moved to East Timor for 18 months spent in various roles facilitating the reconstruction of Oecussi, the enclave of East Timor that suffered most in the conflict and as Special Assistant to the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in East Timor. In East Timor, Rebecca and Geoff were visited by Chris Hall (MUPP '92?) and a calamitous motorcycle accident. The former event is remembered with pleasure, the latter put him in hospital for months. In Timor Leste, he played a tiny role in the transition of the country from a colony through occupation to successful independence. He is now coordinating the Palestine Programme for Oxfam GB, where he hopes to fulfill a similar role for another occupied country. (1/99)

Kathy Kolnick MUPP ‘93
Currently I am a Doctoral Student at the school of Policy, Planning and Development at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. I am studying property concepts, land use and economic development. Please feel free to e-mail me at (1/00)

John M. Lowe PPA '93
In 1977 I received M.S. in Health Care Administration from Ohio State University. From 1993 to 1998, I was an Assistant Professor at Simmons College. Currently I am an Associate Professor with tenure at Simmons College, as well as a Trustee at Emerson Hospital, and Director of the Institute for Community Health Improvement. (1/00)
John Lowe, of Concord, MA, since leaving UIC has been on faculty in health care administration at Simmons College in Boston.  His research focuses on using improvement methods in community health planning.  He received a Community Care Network Fellowship from the American Hospital Association and the WK Kellogg Foundation to study community health needs assessment procedures in 25 communities across the US.  He currently works with Partners Health Care Systems Inc. to improve screening and identification for victims of domestic violence and breast and cervical cancer in hospitals and health centers, and to reduce teen smoking and pregnancy through school based health centers in local high schools. (12/01)

Peter Skosey MUPP '93
Hello Friends:  I am greatly enjoying putting my degree to work at the Metropolitan Planning Council as the Vice President for External Relations. (I always say non-profits compensate for low salaries with big titles!) At MPC I do policy work on the redevelopment side of the smart growth equation: TIFs, brownfields, redevelopment incentive programs, zoning. I also do a fair bit of work in our state's great capital, Springpatch, I mean Springfield, excuse me, advocating (aka lobbying) for policy changes at the state level. Currently I live in Bucktown and have a wonderful two-year-old daughter Bryn.

I encourage all of you to get involved with the Alumni Association. CUPPA-AA is a great way to stay engaged in the field, network and maybe even learn a thing or two. Contact Jodi White in the office of advancement and tell her you want to sign up - she'll put you to work on one of our committees either arranging fun events, educational opportunities or working directly in the classrooms as guest lecturers and the like. Drop me a line if you would like to get involved or talk more about it. (12/01)

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Ellen Berkelhamer MUPP '92
I recently relocated to Minneapolis, MN and am Senior Planner with the planning and landscape architecture firm of Dahlgren, Shardlow, and Urban, Inc. (1/00)

Ruth Broder MUPP '92
For the past four years, I have been a Community Development Coordinator for the City of Des Plaines, IL. I manage the city's Community Development Block Grant and home repair programs. (1/99)

Melissa K. Burrows MUPP '92
is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Cleveland State University and will be working on her dissertation in January. (12/01)

Laurel Lipkin MUPP '92
I formed LL Consulting in 1994. The firm focused on planning projects, special needs housing and supportive services, community development and fundraising. (1/99)

Joseph L. Simmons Jr. MUPP '92
I ran for Alderman of the 18th Ward in 1995, and will run again in February, 1999. I have worked in public finance for nearly ten years, prior to joining the Chicago Public Schools. I now work on creating partnerships between corporations and individual public schools. (1/99)

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Adam Burck MUPP '91
I have lived in Chicago most of my life, grew up on the South Side and now live on the North I have a balanced view of the city! Since 1998, I have been the Director of Planning for the Albany Park Community Center ( ). I manage our agency's community development activities. Most recently I completed a feasibility study for a cultural arts center to be located in Albany Park. Other activities have included: four facade rebate projects, three of which were the largest ($200,000 plus) ever completed through the city's facade rebate program; and coordinating the Targeted Blocks Program in Albany Park, a City of Chicago Dept. of Housing program that provides grants to low/moderate-income homeowners for exterior repairs to their homes - to date we've assisted over 200 homeowners.
Prior to my work at APCC, I worked for 3 years as a project management and training consultant for community development projects and conducted housing market studies. I also worked for 3 1/2 years in the Ivory Coast doing community development work. The contacts I made while studying at UIC have been invaluable for me in my work. (11/00)

John Dempsey, MUPP '91
I am now working as a computer consultant as a system administrator/programmer. (1/99)

James Frank PPA '91
Currently I work for Argonne's Biotechnology Council and Bio-Based Chemical Strategic Initiative as a manager for the Chemical and Biological Technology Section. My section has developed technology for biocatalytic systems, membrane separation, and microbial corrosion. In the past year, I received the President's Green Chemistry Award; the Discover Magazine Award for Technology Innovation; and the Federal Laboratory Consortium Award for Technology Transfer for developing the process to produce the "green" solvent ethyl lactate from corn at price which is competitive with toxic petrochemical-based solvents. (1/00)

Mary Lupa MUPP '91
After five years at the Chicago Area Transportation Study as a technical analyst, I joined the Regional Transportation Authority in 1998. I live with my husband, Dave, and my daughter, Claire, in the Pilsen neighborhood. Claire is a sophomore at Chicago's Whitney Young High School. Hobbies of mine include city bicycling and photography. (1/99)
After five years with IDOT's Chicago Area Transportation Study, I joined the Regional Transportation Authority. I work with transit planning and travel demand forecasting. In 1999, along with the System Planning Division at RTA, we won the Best Practice Award in Transportation Planning from the Institute of Transportation Engineers. My hobbies include cycling, photography and gardening. (1/00)
Mary Lupa lives in Chicago with her daughter and husband.  She has worked for ten years in transportation and currently is a senior analyst for the RTA.  In her free time she participates in urban photography, cycling, and perennial gardening. (12/01)

Robyn Michaels MUPP '91
I was an election supervisor in Bosnia in 1997. I could not find a planning job that didn't require GIS or losing all notions of personal integrity. I manage a thrift store - Love it! (1/00)

Mark Roschen MUPP '91
works as co-executive director of the Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council.  He is also a new member of the City of Chicago’s Capital Improvement Advisory Committee. (12/01)

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Dorin Fera MUPP ’90
is a Senior Transportation Planner with the Metro Transportation Group, Inc.  Dorin also works as the commissioner for Downers Grove Parking and Traffic Commission and is an ITE scholarship chair for the Illinois section.  In addition to work Dorin is a member of the Illinois Section Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE); American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP); and member of the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (NCUTCD).  In his free time Dorin enjoys biking, hiking and camping. (12/01)

Arthur Horton PPA '90
Published two studies: Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency: New Evidence to Consider; and Prevention of School Violence: New Evidence to Consider. Both of them are in the Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment . I started a mentoring program for elementary school children in the Chicago Public School System. We are always looking for volunteers - academics, professionals and students. Please contact me at (1/99) 

Pamela Little DeZutter MUPP '90
I have been with the YMCA for the USA for nine years now. I am project director for the Member Satisfaction Survey and Staff Satisfaction Projects. I'd love to hear from other MUPPs. My e-mail address is (1/00)

Marya Morris MUPP ’90
works with the American Planning Association writing, researching, and making presentations on smart growth and reforming state statutes for planning, zoning, and growth management.  She and a colleague have developed a full curriculum and lectures on sprawl, smart growth, and planning statute reform. (12/01)

Martha Younger-White MUPP ’90
For the past nine years, has worked in the State government as an administrator.  She currently serves as a bureau chief with the Illinois Department of Human Services, Bureau of Accessibility and Workplace Safety. Her focus is to ensure their programs are accessible to persons with disabilities as the Americans with Disabilities Act coordinator.  She is also enjoying her five-year-old son who recently started kindergarten in the Chicago Public Schools. (12/01)

Anthony Jones MUPP '90
I am currently coordinator of a program that provides technical assistance to emerging, minority construction firms in Portland, Oregon. I also manage construction of affordable housing projects. The rest of my time is spent with my wife and our two children, ages three and five. (1/99)

Janet McBride MUPP '90
I've been at the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) for eight years now. Time flies! I'm currently the Project Manager for the San Francisco Bay Trail Project. It is a 400+ mile continuous shoreline path that will eventually ring San Francisco Bay. It is quite a challenge as it traverses nine counties, forty-seven cities and crosses seven toll bridges. (1/99)

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Jill Holtzman Larson MUPP '89
After working in the Kane County Development Department as the Permit Manager for six years, I decided to be an at-home Mom after my second child was born. Now I work at my local library, which provides my entire household with all the reading material we could ever desire! (1/99)

Nelson Sarmiento MUPP '89
I am back in Chicago after living two years abroad. I used to be a Cook County planner before that. Currently, I am a freelance consultant and service manager-partner of Subconit Solutions, a Silicon Valley-based business which provide IT outsource services. And, yes, I still do my part in making the world safe for democracy, apple pie and capitalism. (3/02)

Anthony E. Waller MUPP '89
After an initial period as a planner for Chicago's Metra system, I have been a rail operations consultant, first with Booz Allen and Hamilton, in the LA Office, and presently with LSTS in its Boston Office. This fall, I will relocate to NYC to plan the rail operation for the East Side Access Project, the rerouting of some Long Island railroad trains from Penn Station to Grand Central. (1/99)

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Donna Hardina PPA ’88
is currently a professor of social work education at California State University, Fresno.  She recently published Innovative Approaches for Teaching Community Organizing Skills in the Classroom. (12/01)

Steve Steinhoff MUPP ’88
works for Dane County as a community development coordinator.  He works on smart growth evaluations.  He also administers the county’s building program and city building program. (12/01)

Scott Viger MUPP '88
I was married in April 1997 to my wide Debbi, and we now have 6 kids (Dan age 14, Roxy age 12, Jessi age 10, Sammi & Mitch both age 8, and Lexxi age 5), 2 dogs, 1 hamster and 1 gerbil. I am enjoying the continuing high of this up period in homebuilding and the never-ending honeymoon. After years in the public sector, I am now feeling at home on the other side of the table. The unpredictable and odd Planning Commissions & Village Boards appear even more so from the developer's perspective. (1/00)

Barbara Maria Yannolp PPA '88
I have written ten books, thirty articles, and participated in thirty conferences. I am a single parent, raising my child Johnny Roseno, who was born August 17, 1994. (1/00)

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Scott Gelzer MUPP '87
I am fund advisor to a 14-funder confederation investing in management related projects of non-profit organizations. I am coordinating several projects including activities in social entrepreneurship, technology, and board development. Drop me a line at

Paul Ginger MUPP ‘87
Currently I am working for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), a federal agency that regulates national banks.  I help community organizations and local government agencies design community development projects that meet the regulatory constraints and needs of banks, and find ways for the OCC and banking community to become involved in community development activities.  It's more than it sounds... and is challenging too.  I'm always pleased to hear from UIC Alumni.  Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions, comments or ideas.  My e-mail at work is (1/00)

Dinah Lockhart MUPP ’87
lives in Lompoc, CA with her husband.  She currently works for the planning division doing plan checks and providing zoning information to customers at the counter. (12/01)

Thomas Shaffer MUPP '87
of Milwaukee, WI is executive director of Abundant Life Ministry.  He plans, implements, supervises and evaluates life skills development, vocational counseling and job placement programs which have, so far, placed 819 people in jobs with 74% retention.  Companies that hire through Abundant Life include Jewel-Osco, Kohl’s Distribution Center and Quad Graphics.The Abundant Life model is now being implemented by a new nonprofit organization in St. Paul, Minnesota. (12/01)

Wendy L. Siegel MUPP '87
I am currently an owner/partner with Millennia Consulting, L.L.C.  Millennia is a public service consulting firm with clients primarily in the not-for-profit and government sectors.  We provide research, strategic and community planning, program evaluations, customized training design, policy analysis and organizational development. This year I have personally completed projects with the Office of Catholic Education of the Archdiocese of Chicago, Suburban Job Link, Inc., Logan Square Neighborhood Association, Illinois Department of Human Services, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees. Building Millennia Consulting from the ground up with the help of my 5 partners has been exciting and challenging. As we move into our fourth year, we are still learning and exploring new areas of expertise. There is never a boring moment. (1/00)

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Detra Aikens MUPP '86
My firm specializes in working with municipalities, government agencies and non-profits.  We design, implement and secure resources for programs and special projects.  We also assist our clients with capacity building, commercial and housing development. (1/00)

David L. Browne MUPP '86
Although my studies at UIC were in Urban Planning, I find I have used many of those skills in my current job at the IRS. The current effort to plan an IRS that is more service-oriented has required that I rely on many of the lessons I learned at UIC on project management, prioritization and resource identification. My work at the Voorhees Center on resident management of public housing has been particularly useful. (1/99)

Susan Campbell MUPP '86
I recently have been involved in the preparation of comprehensive land use plans and site plan analysis for redevelopment areas in Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan; and New Orleans, Louisiana. (1/99)

Ann M. Cibulskis MUPP '86
is with the Chicago Department of Public Health as title planner.  Her job entails writing grants for programs ranging from education about asthma to lead paint abatement to violence prevention.  Ann was formerly employed by the Chicago Police Department. (12/01)

William H. Watkins PPA ’86
is an associate professor in UIC’s Department of Education and has two upcoming book publications: Race and Education and The White Architects of Black Education: Power and Ideology in America 1865-1954. (12/01)

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Jeanette Corlett MUPP '85
After 20 years in Chicago, we recently moved to Cleveland, Ohio to be closer to family.  My husband George McGovern is now working for NATCITY Investments in public finance. I hope to take on more consulting in urban planning while also spending more time with our two daughters, age 6 and 4. (1/00)

Toni Helen Hartrich MUPP '78, PPA '85
I have been teaching graduate level public administration at Roosevelt University for five years. During that time I have worked on research on property tax and on school finance reform. My summers are spent mainly in Vermont where I have a place in the "Northeast Kingdom." I have taken up printing since I left UIC and regularly take art studio classes at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I have also been doing research projects related to public finance and planning for groups like the Metropolitan Planning Council, the Institute of Metropolitan Affairs and the Environmental Law and Policy Center. (1/99)

Mariano A. Santos MUPP '85
I am the managing editor of UIA Times, a new monthly magazine about Filipino Americans in the Midwest. (1/99)

Susan Villarreal MUPP '85
I have now worked with the City of Austin's Development Review & Inspection Department (formerly Planning & Development) for 7 1/2 years. I began as a Senior Planner doing subdivision and zoning. Now I am a Project Manager supervising an interdisciplinary team reviewing zoning, subdivision, and site plans for a specific geographic area. It is always challenging and offers plenty of opportunity for learning. I have a husband, Martin, and one son, Joanquin, who is 2 years old - and I am also expecting another child in April. (1/00)

Brad Winick MUPP '85
I recently joined Harza Architects & Engineers as the Senior Project Manager -- Municipal Services. I am responsible for managing large-scale projects involving land use planning, civic involvement, and real estate development. My exciting current projects include the Grant Park Framework Plan. My e-mail address is: (8/00)

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Steve Manue '84
I am happily residing outside of Nevada City, CA, in the foothills of the Sierras. I work as a manager, serving customers at Earth Song Café, a fine vegetarian restaurant in town. All is well. (1/99)

John Duffy MUPP ’83
has been appointed borough manager for the Matanask-Sasitua Borough in Alaska.  The borough is located just north of Anchorage and encompasses more than 25,000 square miles and is one of the fastest growing communities in the nation. (12/01)

Bill Eyring MUPP '83
I am working with the Des Plaines Watershed Team to initiate projects that reduce flood hazards by changing landscapes to reduce runoff to streams. (1/99)

Stephen L. Garay PPA’83
is currently retired. (12/01)

Stephen C. Godek PPA ’83
has been providing consulting services to government and non-profit human service agencies since 1998.  He is currently working on an evaluation of welfare reform in Wayne County, Ohio under a contract with the county commissioners. (12/01)

Wendy Musto MPA ’83
left a Federal government position in 1988 to start her own business.  In 1990, she sold the business and became a headhunter until 1995.  In 1995, Wendy began teaching at Lake View High School (LVHS).  While working at LVHS she obtained her teaching certificate in English and Spanish.  In November 2000 Wendy accepted a position at Highland Park Middle School as a Coordinator for an ESL/Bilingual Program. (12/01)

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Grace Bazylewski MUPP '82
Serving 2nd term on American Planning Association Chicago Metro Section Executive Board, running a pro bono project for APA-Chicago Metro. The project, utilizing APA volunteers such as myself, offers short-term (often start-up) urban planning assistance for communities in the Chicagoland area. I also serve on the Southland Convention & Visitors Bureau, and the Chicago Southtown Growth Corporation Board. (1/00)

Steven Rolenc MUPP '82
My wife Mary Jo Armstrong and I have been married 15 years. We have five children; Stephanie is 12, Chloe 9, Jacob 6, Noah 3 and our newest child Delilah was born on November 11, 1999. (1/00)

Gina M. Trimarco MUPP '82
For the last eleven years I have been employed by the HNTB, a planning and engineering firm. We are located in downtown Chicago and have numerous offices across the United States. As a transportation planner, I am responsible for coordinating and planning the studies necessary for the engineering design of roadway and highway projects. The majority of our clients are government agencies including the Department of Transportation and Mass Transit Agencies. On a personal note, my husband Brian and I have two children - a daughter, age 5 and a son, age 7. Marathon running and biking tend to be our hobbies and keep us busy. (1/00)

James M. Woliaski MUPP '82
I have been the Community Development Director in Evanston since 1994, and am currently completing my master's degree in Communication from Northwestern University. (1/99)

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Joel Bookman MUPP '81
I just completed twenty years with the North River Commission as Executive Director of the Lawrence Avenue Development Corporation, its community development corporation. For the past fifteen years, I was a consultant in community planning, economic and community development. In the past year, I became Executive Director of the North River Commission. At NRC, I recently completed the $30 million planned redevelopment of the former Bankers Life Insurance west site into senior housing, condos, library, office center, restaurants and light industry. (1/99)

Jim Heald MUPP '81
After a 10 year stint working for the City of Austin, Texas as GIS Coordinator for the Planning Department, my wife and I moved to Washington DC in 1996. I am currently working as a GIS Specialist with the US Department of Agriculture, working on the design and implementation of a large distributed GIS database system that will link all USDA local offices (over 2500) and contain (probably long after I'm gone) all farm field boundaries in the country. I'm still playing guitar and performing on a regular basis and released a CD of original music in 1997. My wife Laura (Metro - 1982) works as a Performance Evaluation Specialist for the US Department of Labor. She is part of an effort to streamline Federal Employment programs and make them more accountable. In our Austin years, she worked for the City Resource Management Department, had her own business writing Grant Proposals for Non-Profit agencies and worked in Performance for Job programs with the State of Texas. (1/99)

Donald Kelly MUPP ’81
recently launched Donald C. Kelly & Associates Community Development Services, a consulting service specializing in community/bank partnership building and social capital development. (12/01)

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Rev. Lorri E. Baldwin MUPP '80
worked for the City of Chicago for 10 years after a two year internship/ part-time employment starting with the Mayor’s Office of Employment and Training and then, the Mayor’s Office of Economic Advisors, which became the Economic Development Commission of which she was staff for three years.  Lorri then moved to the State of California and worked for the Bureau of Land Management, Community Redevelopment Agency and City of Inglewood, CA working on pre-Olympic development of the LAX Airport.  She returned to Chicago after 8 years and worked for the Department of Economic Development under Rob Mier and then the Department of Aviation starting with the redevelopment of Midway Airport. After working for several community agencies she returned to Seminary and has done micro-enterprise development in Zimbabwe, South Africa.  Lorri was a missionary in training in Nairobi, Kenya and Gana, Zaire and then took a full time Mission Associate position at the Women’s Department in the Democratic Republic of the Congo before returning to Chicago.  Lorri plans to start working on a doctorate program in Inter-Cultural Studies so that she can teach full time. (12/01)

D. Patrick Lenihan MUPP '80
Recently I was elected to the National Association of County & City Health Officers Board of Directors, and the American Public Health Association Governing Council. Current PPA and Ph.D student. (1/00)

Patricia Vile MUPP '80
I am the Director of Business Development, National Trade Association in Niles, IL. (1/99)

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J. Theodore Fink MUPP ’79
is President of Green Plan Inc., which has served public, non-profit, and private agencies for 24 years.  He has taught Land Use Planning at Bard College’s Graduate School of Environmental Studies and currently provides planning services to towns and villages in New York’s Hudson Valley.  His firm’s overall goal is to help communities prosper by integrating environmental assets, fiscal health, and livability into the planning process. (12/01)

Marc A. Friedman MUPP ’79
left the planning field in 1985 to begin work in the insurance business.  He is now partner with Decarl, Levine & Friedman, LLC located in Des Plaines, IL. (12/01)

Nadine Hamilton MUPP '79
I have been promoted to serve as Director of Congressional Affairs with responsibility for the development and implementation of the Department's legislative agenda. I formerly held a senior staff position with the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee where I handled surface transportation and related environmental and safety legislation. I was previously Deputy Director of Congressional Affairs at the Department, and I am replacing Peter Halpin, currently with the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. (1/99)

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Robert Currie MUPP '78
is currently the vice president & executive director of Harmony Health Plan of Indiana.  Harmony Health Plan is a managed care plan providing health care services exclusively to Medicaid enrollees in Illinois and Indiana. Harmony serves over 50,000 Medicaid enrollees.
When not enjoying his professional calling, he is busy with his son Warren (Georgia Tech - Electrical Engineering 03'), daughter Simone (North Carolina State University - Computer Engineering 04'), stepdaughter Jasmine, 11 and wife Jackie. (12/01)

Robert Giloth MUPP '78
I just edited the volume: Jobs and Economic Development: Strategies and Practices. Sage Publications, 1998. (1/99)

Paul Rasmussen MUPP ’78
currently lives in DeKalb, IL with his wife, Christine, son, and daughter.  Paul is currently working as the community director for DeKalb, a position he took this year.  For six years before this position, he worked as Community Development Director for the city of Beloit, WI.  He currently has a staff of 19 in a city of 36,000 (22,000 of whom are students at NIU).  Major projects include coordinating plans for a 9,000 square foot sports center, a 400-acre industrial plan and redevelopment of a shopping center. (12/01)

Barbara Reynolds MUPP ’78
owns a construction management roofing inspection company.  In her free time she volunteers her business expertise to two Chicago not-for-profit organizations: the Chicago Children’s Choir and Sliced Bread Theatre Productions.  (12/01)

Marcia Walsh MUPP '78
I am married and have three children. I've worked for Beverly Area Planning Association since 1996, and live in the Beverly neighborhood of Chicago.  I've been a local school council member at my kids' school - Sutherland Elementary - since 1989. (1/00)

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John Houde MUPP ‘77
In addition to being community development director for Glencoe, John is the village arborist.  He has also written a history of French Canadian Genealogy, titled French Migration to North America, published as a hardbound book in 1994.  John is an active participant in his own home addition and renovation projects and he and his wife are the proud parents of a son and daughter. (12/01)

James Lemonides MUPP '77
I have played the Greek bouzouki for over ten years. I recently joined five other multi-ethnic musicians and dancers for a benefit concert to raise money for Turkish earthquake victims. Please visit our website at (1/00)

Patricia Adell MUPP '76
currently lives with her husband and two sons in Princeton, NJ.  She had been working for Ernst & Young Kenneth Levanthal as the Co-Regional Director for the Public-Private Real Estate Development for the past three years, but recently started her own real estate development consulting firm.  Her clients include NY/NJ Port Authority, Apollo Theater Foundation, the Jets, and Empire State Development Corporation. (12/01)

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Robert L. Nelis Sr. MUPP '75
currently works as a village administrator with the Village of Aurora.  He and his wife, Sheila Castillo (MUPP ’78), live in Logan Square.  Their oldest child, Lisa, graduated from Michigan State and is seeking a doctoral program.  Their second child, Luke, is at St. Louis University studying to be a pilot, and their youngest child, Kateri, is a junior at St. Scholastica. (12/01)

Elaine M. Soloway MUPP ’75
lives in Chicago and works as a public relations consultant, specializing in urban issues (i.e. health care, housing, economic development and education). (12/01)

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