Great Cities Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Faculty Scholars 2002-2003

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Ralph Cintron
Associate Professor, Department of English
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Rhetoric, Genius Loci and Cultural Politics in an Urban Setting

Rebecca Hendrick
Associate Professor, Public Administration
College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs
Fiscal Strategy Making in Chicago Suburbs: How Suburban Municipalities
Balance Their Budgets and Manage Fiscal Stress

Janise Hurtig
Research Specialist in the Humanities
Center for Research on Women and Gender
Parents Write Their Worlds: A Parent Involvement Program Bridging Urban Schools
and Families - A Participatory Ethnographic Study

Steve Jones
Professor and Head, Department of Communication
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
A Great City Online: A Study of the Internet's Impact on Chicago's Neighborhoods

Dennis Judd
Professor, Department of Political Science
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
The Fracturing of City Politics: Building the Tourist City in Chicago and St. Louis

Linda M. Kaste
Associate Professor & Director of Pre-Doctoral Dental Public Health
Department of Pediatric Dentistry
UIC Community Partnerships: Dental Workforce Development

Bryant Marks
Assistant Professor, Department of African-American Studies & Professor, Department of Psychology
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
On Being Separate and Together: Hyper-Segregation, Diversity and Inter-Racial Relations in Urban Settings

Sarah Ullman
Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Policies and Practices of Mental Health Service Providers to Chicago Sexual Assault Victims: Reducing Barriers to Effective Treatment

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