Great Cities Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Faculty Scholars 2006-2007

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John Betancur
Associate Professor, Urban Planning and Policy Program
College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs
Dynamics of Neighborhood Change in the Era of Globalization

Robert Bruegmann
Professor and Chair, Department of Art History
College of Architecture and the Arts
University and Community/Lawndale and Heritage

Olivia Gude
Associate Professor, School of Art and Design
College of Architecture and the Arts
The Space We Share: A Community Based Public Art Investigation

David Mayrowetz
Assistant Professor, Policy Studies
College of Education
Researching Distributed Leadership Practice for Special Education Reform

Thomas Moher
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science
College of Engineering
Embedded Phenomena: Technology Support for Embodied Learning in Urban Science

Kimberly Potowski
Assistant Professor
Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education
Department of Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Arresting Attrition: Spanish Language Maintenance in Chicago’s Elementary Schools

Barbara Ransby
Associate Professor, Department of African American Studies/Department of History
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Eslanda Robeson and the Multi-Cultural Urban Arts Communities or Harlem,
Paris, and London, 1920s-1940s

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