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Certificate in Nonprofit Management


Nonprofits and Civic Engagement: An Introduction

(formerly Introduction to Nonprofit Management and Civic Engagement)

This course lays the foundation for an integrated approach to nonprofit management in the context of today’s complex and rapidly changing environment. Capacity building for nonprofits has traditionally focused on the internal management of organizations, but effective leaders and managers today need a broader framework. This course examines how the pursuit of high social impact expands the scope of nonprofit management practice beyond the boundaries of an organization. Explore how success has more to do with how nonprofits work outside the boundaries of their organizations than how they manage their own internal operations.* Learn what civic engagement for nonprofits means in practical terms - through case studies, discussion with peers and the instructor.

This is an instructor-led course delivered entirely online. It is highly interactive and requires active participation on discussions boards and completion of assigned projects. We estimate spending an average of 8 – 10 hours per week on each Certificate in Nonprofit Management course. For this reason, we highly recommend students participate in no more than two CNM courses at a time.

This intensive five-week course explores the following topics:

• Introduction to nonprofits, the nonprofit sector and civic engagement
• What’s driving the practice of nonprofit management beyond traditional boundaries?
• New and renewed roles for nonprofits in relation to actors in public, private and nonprofit sectors
• Models and strategies for expanding organizational engagement and mobilizing others
• From grassroots to global: The future of nonprofits as agents of social change

Learning Objectives

What you and your organization will gain from this course:

• Refresh your knowledge base on the size, scope and impact of the nonprofit sector in the U.S. and internationally
• Understand the forces that are driving the practice of nonprofit management beyond the walls of a given organization and it what it means for your nonprofit
• Learn how longstanding roles of nonprofits in support of democracy are being revitalized today
• Identify new challenges and opportunities for nonprofits as boundaries between the public, private and nonprofit sectors continue to overlap
• Articulate the potential of nonprofits as agents of social change, from grassroots communities to our global village
• Prepare your organization for success in the new 21st century reality

*Crutchfield and McLeod Grant, Forces for Good (2008)

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