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Certificate in Nonprofit Management


Program Design and Evaluation: Measuring Impact to Strengthen Programs

This course provides a framework for understanding the continuous and integrated process of program evaluation and program design. The course begins with an exploration of the various types and purposes of program evaluation. Utilizing the Logic Model as a guide, participants will learn to develop goals and objectives, determine which activities will address those objectives, and develop outcome measurements to determine the impact of programs. More and more funders today require logic models and/or detailed evaluation plans prior to fund allocation. This class will help a practitioner develop an evaluation plan and learn how to utilize the evaluation results to strengthen the organization’s programs.

Sample Syllabus - subject to change at the instructor's discretion.

This intensive five-week course explores the following topics:

• Introduction to evaluations: types and purposes
• Logic models
• Program goals and objectives
• Data collection
• Selecting an evaluator

Special features of this course:

• A weekly Resource Center provides carefully tailored readings and other relevant resources for program evaluation
• “Studio” activities provide opportunities for new and experienced practitioners to cultivate practical skills
• Original case studies and problem-based learning activities
• In-depth weekly discussions on the real-life challenges of program design and evaluation
• Small class size of 25 participants

Learning Objectives

What you and your organization will gain from this course:

• Describe principal uses for an evaluation
• Distinguish between different types of evaluations and their purposes
• Identify key steps in planning for an evaluation
• Understand the purpose of a logic model and create a logical model
• Develop measurable program goals and objectives
• Identify types of data and methods of collection
• Select an appropriate approach to data collection for a given evaluation
• Analyze different types of collected data
• Identify main components of an evaluation report
• Understand a funder’s typical expectations for an evaluation report
• Identify the main uses for evaluation reports
• Be familiar with budgeting requirements for an evaluation
• Develop an evaluation plan checklist
• Design and outline an entire program evaluation plan

This is an instructor-led course delivered entirely online. It is highly interactive and requires active participation on discussions boards and completion of assigned projects. We estimate spending an average of 8 – 10 hours per week on each Certificate in Nonprofit Management course. For this reason, we highly recommend students participate in no more than two CNM courses at a time.

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