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Financial Management for CHDOs    
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The course presents a management framework for CHDO Executive Directors (and also for Boards and other senior staff) to oversee the financial operations of a CHDO, and to provide tools and guidance to help with this responsibility.

This five-week course explores the following topics:

  • The seven key “tools of financial control”
  • Project-level financial management
  • Long-term financial survival issues

Special features of this course include:

  • Links to useful web content from HUD and other financial experts.
  • Integrating projects that will give you hands-on experience in
    developing a financial management plan.
  • In-depth weekly discussions with other CHDO executives.
  • Small class size of 25 participants.

Learning Objectives

What you and your organization will gain from this course:
  • Understanding of CHDO financial management
  • Basic financial management and accounting skills
  • The ability to recognize the need for internal controls and an external audit and implement a process to achieve both




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