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Operations Management    
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This five-week course on Operations Management for CHDOs examines five major aspects of operations management: internal operations, selecting CHDO projects, managing external relations, managing the development of CHDO projects, and measuring CHDO effectiveness.

The course will show participants how to identify and apply best practices and basic principles of operations management. 

Special Features of this course include:

  • Learn how to select and manage CHDO projects and measure organizational effectiveness
  • Links to useful web content from HUD and other experts
  • In-depth weekly discussions with peers from other CHDOs
  • Small class size of 25 participants

Learning Objectives
What you and your organization will gain from this course:

  • An understanding of the core elements of operations management and how to recruit, support and retain performance-minded staff
  • An understanding of how to manage relations with the community, PJ, and partners
  • The ability to identify, analyze and select projects that are appropriate to CHDO capabilities and resources
  • An understanding of the development process
  • An understanding of HUD's performance measurement system and how to measure your program's effectiveness




For additional information contact Matt Bennett at or (410)547-1825.
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