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Strategic Management for CHDOs

This five-week course examines CHDO management from a strategic perspective. It will provide a solid foundation in CHDO regulatory requirements, and provide a strategic framework for CHDO executives to direct the future activities of the organization. It will show participants how to examine their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and to develop and implement strategic plans that are focused on being a more successful CHDO.

During this course, we explore the following:

  • What is strategic management?
  • Fundamentals of strategic planning
  • Managing the planning process within the CHDO structure
  • Implementing the strategic plan: Achieving results and meeting CHDO requirements
  • Flying in formation: Aligning mission, vision and resources

Special features of this course include:

  • Learn CHDO Requirements and how they affect the strategic planning process
  • Links to useful web content from HUD in Community Planning and Development
  • Self-assessment and an Integrating Activity that will give you hands-on experience in developing a strategic plan
  • In-depth weekly discussions with peers from other CHDOs
  • Small class size of 25 participants

Learning Objectives
What you and your organization will gain from this course:

  • An understanding of your CHDO’s mission, objectives and resources that will foster intentional decisions about what to do, how to do it and when to do it, so that the organization can provide more efficient service
  • An understanding of the value of better coordination across organizational units
  • An understanding of the need for proactive management



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