Statement of Editorial Policy


The primary audience of the Urban Affairs Review comprises urban scholars and interested practitioners spanning several disciplines; these disciplines include, but are not limited to, the fields of sociology, political science, geography, planning, economics, criminology, history, anthropology, and urban affairs. For our purposes, articles are not considered "urban" if cities are treated as only one component of a broader analysis or if urban data are used in the service of theories that do not treat urban phenomena as a central concern. Purely theoretical or retrospective articles are welcome but must engage an intellectual question that appeals to a broad scholarly audience. We are especially interested in introducing to our readership innovative research methodologies used to analyze significant theoretical issues. The editors reserve the right to publish articles of briefer length or limited theoretical import as research notes; authors are invited to submit such notes.

The UAR published a book review section comprising both review essays and reviews of single books. Potential reviewers should contact the book review editor before submitting a review.

The editors of the UAR are committed to a timely, thoroughly professional review process. Authors can expect a decision within three months of original submission. Is a decision has not been received within that time frame, the author should contact the editor for a prompt decision. Referees are selected to ensure that all papers submitted are reviewed by a combination of experts in the appropriate subject area and by scholars who are familiar with the methodology employed. Papers are sent to four referees, normally within ten working days of being received in the UAR office. The staff at Sage Publications prepares the issue for publication, and galleys are sent to the authors to proof and approve. Once manuscripts are submitted by the UAR offices to the publisher in final form, it normally takes about four months for that issue of the UAR to appear.

Susan E. Clarke
Michael A. Pagano

The Editors