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Comparative Urbanisms Speaker Series

"Urban Forms and Comparisons: Chicago's Near North Side and the Localization of Gentrification Generalized"

Judit Bodnar
Central European University
Endeavor Visiting Scholar at University of Chicago

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at 2:00pm at the Great Cities Institute


Please join us for a comparative and historical analysis of the gentrification of the Near North Side of Chicago.

Professor Bodnar will examine the communities that have replaced the Cabrini-Green housing ‘projects’ and the proliferation of similar kinds of residential planned developments  -- particularly in US and European cities. This horizontal analysis will be complemented by discussion of the history of gentrification on the Near North Side and the unfolding of current redevelopment initiatives, which signify a new scale and configuration of generalized gentrification as it has come to be known. This line
of inquiry also focuses on the public-private interface.

Speaker Biography

Judit Bodnar is a U.S.-trained sociologist who is based in Budapest as Associate Professor of sociology, anthropology and history at the Central European University. The author of Fin de Millėnaire Budapest: Metamorphoses of Urban Life (University of Minnesota Press, 2001), she has written on
urban restructuring, public space, postsocialism, globalization, food and alterglobalization movements. She is working on a co-authored book that interrogates local histories of global urban restructuring through a comparative analysis of gated communities in Chicago, Berlin and Budapest.

She is currently an Endeavor Visiting Scholar at the University of Chicago. (until June 10, 2010)

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