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GCI Welcomes Visitors from the Guangzhou Central Business District.

The Great Cities Institute is excited to begin their research partnership with China's "Guangzhou Central Business Districts / Central Activity Zones Research Project," headed by Dr. Tingwei Zhang. Initial research is under way with the arrival of Ming Yang and Chao Wu, visiting Chicago on behalf of the Guangzhou Central Business District.

As a leading capital city in the southeastern region of China, the intent of this research project is to assess the distribution pattern and roles of the Central Activity Zones and Central Business Districts by comparing Guangzhou to Chicago, Singapore, Seoul, and other global cities. The research is intended to reveal underlying forces shaping the current developments, promoting innovations to future developments, and identifying possible solutions to challenges brought by city's rapid growth, especially the modern service industry.

The research trip in Chicago is scheduled to last three weeks from Monday, October 26 to Friday, November 13.

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