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UIC Neighborhoods Initiative (UICNI)
UICNI is a major vehicle through which the University fulfills the mission of the Great Cities Commitment with particular emphasis on the engagement of students, faculty and staff in long-term, meaningful relationships with communities. 

Professional Education
Prof Ed is the continuing education office of GCI, committed to providing top-level management and capacity education throughout the nonprofit, community development, and public service fields.

Metropolitan Sustainability
This GCI program pursues projects that enhance knowledge of sustainability and shape environmental policy by providing GCI Fellows and Scholars opportunities to publish, disseminate and share research results that will bear on policy-making in urban settings across the country.

Great Cities London Program
GCI and the Institute for the International Education of Students offers UIC students the opportunity to study comparative policy in Chicago and London.

Chicago Politics
In support of civic engagement, this site presents compiled informational resources on Chicago politics.

Vernon Jarrett Senior Fellow Program
Carrying on the contributions of the late GCI Senior Fellow Vernon Jarrett, this program includes a fellowship, lectures, and research assistantships.

James J. Stukel Professorship Program
This program consists of scholarship, seminars, research grant formation, and active forums.

Asia and China Studies Research Program
This program supports collaborative research and exchange between GCI and Guangxi Institute of Architectural Design and Research.

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