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The Community Economic Development Research Cluster at GCI brings together UIC researchers and programs that share a broad conceptualization of community development, one that is comprehensive and considers the interrelationships between the social, economic, environmental conditions of the community and its relationship to the city as a whole. GCI’s UIC Neighborhoods Initiative (UICNI) program has incorporated the cluster’s activities with current UICNI activities as a base to expand and create new research projects. The cluster is designed to be a vehicle that encourages, enhances, and sustains scholarship and new partnerships in the areas of community and economic development at UIC.

The goals of the Community Economic Development Research Cluster are as follows:

• To help create the infrastructure to support engaged research in community and economic development and, along with the Center for Urban Economic Development and the Voorhees Neighborhood Center, become a driving engine of this research within UIC. This goal is to be accomplished by developing projects driven by community/university needs.

• To promote and disseminate research findings, results, and experience in this topic area.

Atanacio ‘Nacho’ Gonzalez
Atanacio Gonzalez is Coordinator of the Community and Economic Development Research Cluster at GCI. Gonzalez is Associate Director of the UIC Neighborhoods Initiative and is a Fellow at Great Cities Institute.

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Upcoming Events

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Recent Past Events

Wednesday, April 16
Global Decisions, Local Foreclosures:
The Subprime Crisis and the New World (Dis)Order

Featuring David Ranney, UIC Professor Emeritus,
Former Director of the Center for Urban Economic Development

View the flier for this event.

November 1, 2007
The Mortgage Lending Crisis: Implications for Our Communities
This event convened a panel of experts to provide a deeper perspective on the mortgage crisis and to draw out implications at the national, regional and local levels. Click on the link above to view key facts and resources on the mortgage lending crisis, to download podcasts of the event, or to view a slide presentation given during the event.

April 24, 2007
Don’t Throw it Away Manual Workshop
with Peg Strobel

May 1, 2007
Does Urban Design Influence Property Values in High-Poverty Urban Neighborhoods?
with Brent Ryan and Rachel Weber

April 3, 2007
Challenges in Planning for Hajj, the Annual Muslims’ Pilgrimage to Makkah:
Spatial Modeling for Complex Planning

with Kheir Al-Kodmany, Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor, Urban Planning and Policy Program at UIC, and former Fellow at Great Cities Institute.

February 20, 2007
Saul Alinsky in Berlin? Citizen Organizing in Modern Germany
with Tom Lenz, Lead Organizer with Lake County United and former Fellow at Great Cities Institute.