BA Program in
Urban and Public Affairs

412 S. Peoria St.
Rm. 316 M/C 350
Chicago, IL 60607

(312) 413-2565

Planning for Graduate School

Planning for Graduate School

The Urban and Public Affairs program prepares students for graduate school in a variety of disciplines. Current students that are considering graduate school following their undergraduate study should start planning and are recommended to meet with an advisor for guidance. Students may contact Danielle Cheatom at or (312) 413-2565.

Graduates of UPA have many options for graduate study, many which are listed here. The UIC College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs offers graduate degrees in Urban Planning and Policy and Public Administration.

  • Public Administration
  • Public Policy
  • Law
  • Educational Policy & Leadership
  • Public Service
  • International Studies
  • Urban Planning & Policy
  • Public Health
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Peace & Social Justice
  • Communications/Public Relations

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