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Undergrad degree in Urban Studies

Our newly revised 4-year degree in Urban Studies accepts applications through August 1. Information on the major and minors in Urban Studies and GIS.

UPP in the news

The Wall Street Journal quotes Assoc. Prof. Rachel Weber on the "groupthink" that may be encouraging developers to continue building office towers in Houston despite the current glut of office space.

The report "Planning Transportation for an Aging Illinois: An Assessment" was released by the Voorhees Center and Urban Transportation Center.

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Nik Theodore, PhD

Named UIC Distinguished Researcher of the Year 2014 in the Social Sciences, Nik's internationally influential scholarship in labor economics yields real world impacts felt not only in academy but the halls of public policy institutions like Congress. His research addresses timely issues including the problems of “wage theft," minimum wage, the informal economy, and worker exploitation.

Check Nik's faculty profile for more information.

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Program information required of all accredited planning programs.

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