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Rachel Weber, Associate Professor

PhD City and Regional Planning, Cornell University (1998); Pre-doctoral Fellow, Center for International Security and Arms Control, Stanford University (1996-7); Visiting Scholar, School of Design and Law School, Harvard University (1996); MRP City and Regional Planning, Cornell University (1995); BA Development Studies, Brown University, magna cum laude and high honors (1989)

Research Interests

Urban and regional economic development; development finance; municipal government law; planning theory; industrial restructuring; public finance.


UPP 500 History and Theory of Urban Planning
UPP 533 Development Financial Analysis
UPP 535 Studio: Revitalizing Urban Business Districts
UPP 583 Advanced Planning Theory

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Recognition / Awards

UIC Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2009

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Rachel Weber “Tax Increment Financing in Theory and Practice” for Sammis White, Ned Hill, and Zenia Kotval, Financing Economic Development in the 21st Century, 2010 Edition. ME Sharpe

Rachel Weber “Keeping Urban Renewal Alive: Planning Consultants and the Origins of Tax Increment Financing” For Restructuring the Local State (Dennis Judd ed.)

Rachel Weber and Daniel McMillen “Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Who Successfully Appeals Their Property Tax Bill?” Public Finance Review Vol. 38, No. 1, 74-101 (2010)

Diana Formoso, Rachel Weber, and Marc Atkins “Gentrification and Urban Children’s Well-Being: Tipping the Scales from Problems to Promise” American Journal of Community Psychology.  Winter 2009.

"The Impact of Tax Increment Financing on Residential Property Values" (with Saurav Dev Bhatta and David Merriman), Regional Science and Urban EconomicsSpring 2007

"Valuing New Development in Distressed Urban Neighborhoods: Does Design Matter?" (with Brent Ryan), Journal of the American Planning Association Winter 2007

"Getting the Max for the Tax: Applying Performance Measures to Business Improvement Districts" (with Gina Caruso). International Journal of Public Administration 29, 187-220, 2006.

"Tearing the City Down: Explaining the Incidence of Privately Initiated Demolitions" (with Marc Doussard, Saurav Dev Bhatta, and Daniel McGrath). Journal of Urban Affairs, Winter 2005.

"Does Tax Increment Financing Increase the Value of Urban Industrial Property?" (with David Merriman and Saurav Dev Bhatta) Urban Studies 40:10, September 2003

"Assets and Neighborhoods: The Role of Individual Assets in Neighborhood Revitalization." (with and Janet Smith) Housing Policy Debate 14: 1-2, June 2003

"Equity and Entrepreneurialism: The Impact of Tax Increment Financing on School District Finances." Urban Affairs Review 38:5, May 2003

"Contracting In: How a Business Intermediary Sought to Create Supplier Networks and Jobs" (with Susanne Schnell). Economic Development Quarterly 17:2, May 2003

"Introduction to Focus Section: Low-Wage Labor Markets" (with Nik Theodore). Economic Development Quarterly 16:4, November 2002

"Extracting Value from the City: Neoliberalism and Urban Redevelopment." Antipode 34:3, Summer 2002

"Do Better Contracts Make Better Economic Development Incentives?" Journal of the American Planning Association 68:1, Winter 2002

Swords into Dow Shares: Governing the Decline of the Military-Industrial Complex. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 2001

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