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Illinois Assisted Housing Action Research Project (IHARP)

IHARP is a partnership project project of the Voorhees Center, Housing Action Illinois and Latino Policy Forum (formerly Latinos United).

What is IHARP?

IHARP is the first comprehensive database of assisted units in the city of Chicago and the entire state of Illinois, including housing owned and managed by private and non-profit developers. The database contains information about the developments including number of units, location, sponsoring agency, developer, management companies, rent levles and funding sources.

Why is IHARP necessary?

There have been recent and dramatic changes in federal housing policy. These changes have impacted the city of Chicago more than any other city in the United States. Public housing units are being demolished with no understanding of whether there is sufficient housing for the people being displaced. New developments are being built without information regarding whether there are currently enough accessible/ adaptable units to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

Neither HUD, the city of Chicago, nor the state of Illinois have accurate lists of the housing developments that they have funded. Nor do any of these entities keep track of the housing projects supported by others. Every day, policies regarding assisted housing are made without this crucial information. This affects many aspects of housing development, including the allocation of resources based on need; the determination of where new developments are located; the determination of targeted beneficiaries; the permission to sell or demolish existing assisted housing.

How is the information for IHARP collected?

Data was initially collected from the Freedom of Information Act process. More recently, government agencies were asked to provide the data electronically. The government agencies have been cooperative in this process. The capacity of the IHARP database is increased by focusing on a particular housing programs. Maintaining the database in this fashion has proven succesful as it allows for detailed data collection in addition to comprehensive analysis of the funding program and its ability to meet the needs of Illinois residents.

How is IHARP used?

The database provides the needed information to increase the capacity of community groups and others to impact housing decisions and policies at the local, state, and national level.

If you are a person currently in need of subsidized housing, please visit the City of Chicago Department of Housing (DOH) website, which contains a listing of all subsidized properties funded by DOH within the city. In addition the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) has a searchable listing of all properties they have funded throughout the state.