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The Voorhees Center (VC) has a staff consisting of full-time professionals, PhD candidates and Master's level research assistants. In addition, Urban Planning faculty, as well as experts in other disciplines in UIC, are tapped to participate in research activities and projects undertaken by the Center. VC works in collaboration with community and local government partners to perform applied research and technical assistance projects. The Center employs an interdisciplinary approach to community development.


Voorhess Center Staff

Yittayih Zelalem Co-Director 312-996-6674
Janet Smith Co-Director 312-996-2151
Lauren Nolan Visiting Data Management Research Specialist 312-413-0215
Yibing Li Business Manager 312-996-5463
Cedric Williams Manager of Systems Services 312-355-1224

Current Research Assistants

Brittany Bagent Graduate Research Assistant 312-996-4323
Ivis Garcia Zambrana Graduate Research Assistant - PhD 312-996-6671
Melissa Geer Graduate Research Assistant - PhD 312-996-6671
Molly Huber Graduate Research Assistant 312-996-4323
Krisshna Venugopalan Graduate Research Assistant 312-996-4259
Ryan Schmitt Graduate Research Assistant 312-996-4323
Zafer Sonmez Graduate Research Assistant - PhD 312-996-4323
Jennifer Wichmann Graduate Research Assistant 312-996-4323
Wenlong Peng Graduate Assistant 312-355-2446
Beatriz Fajardo General Office Assistant 312-996-6336