The MOST Program prepares students and postdoctoral fellows to shape the future of oral health research and clinical care. MOST fellows work with world-class faculty, use cutting-edge technology and explore new directions from the bench to the bedside.

The MOST Program is located on UIC's West Campus, at the heart of a major medical research center and just minutes from downtown Chicago. Our location gives us easy access to a diverse range of cutting-edge research, a diverse patient population and, when we're not working, everything that Chicago has to offer: miles of open lakefront, great culture, dining and sports.


CaseCAT" CaseCATstudent

CaseCAT is a student-driven opportunity for dental students to engage in evidence-based practice, with the CAT in CaseCAT standing for Critically Appraised Topic. The CaseCAT begins with a case that a student has seen during his/her clinical experience that exemplifies some aspect of dentistry that lends itself to an evidence-based approach for diagnosis, treatment, analysis or outcomes. Students present their CaseCATs to the College community on Clinic and Research Day. CaseCATs were introduced to the College by alumni, Kaitrin Baloue, in collaboration with College administration. The program is continued under the management of the Student Research Group.


Information on how to participate in the 2014 CaseCAT program will be posted during the fall 2013.

How to create a CaseCAT

Resources for creating a CaseCAT are below including Mat Wietecha's lunch & learn presentation. Also, don't hesitate to ask students who have participated in the past or any of the contacts listed at the bottom of this page.

Lunch & Learn presentation: an overview of the CaseCAT process, objectives, finding cases, developing a CAT, who to contact for help

Evaluation sheet): these are the criteria that will be used by the faculty judges to score your CaseCAT

CaseCAT creation worksheet: step-by-step instructions to help you in developing a successful CaseCAT

Literature review worksheet: use this to critically evaluate the literature as they pertain to your case

2012 Champion - Shivam Patel

2011 Champion - Andrea Venizelos


    Mateusz Wietecha, PhD/DMD candidate
    William Knight, Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
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