SRG hosts Research Seminar on Salivary Diagnostics

by Kelley Gyllenhaal, DDS student, SRG Vice-President


Front, L to R: Kelley Gyllenhaal, Dr. David Wong, Mat Wietecha
Back, L to R: Xuanyu Lu, Kaitrin Baloue, Joshua Padovano, Ariel Johnson, Christine Politis, Yoshi Ito, Stephanie Tymen


Students attend IADR/AADR General Session in San Diego

by Joshua Padovano, DMD/PhD student, SRG Member

SRG members pose for a photo at the scenic San Diego Convention Center. From L to R: Cassandra McKenzie (D1), Mat Wietecha (DMD/PhD), Kelley Gyllenhaal (D2), Christine Politis (DMD/PhD), Joshua Padovano (DMD/PhD), Ariel Johnson (PhD).


Reflections on Clinic & Research Day

by Christine Politis, DMD/PhD student, SRG Member


UIC alumnus and benefactor, Dr. Seymour Gottlieb, visited and enjoyed lunch with past recipients of the Dr. Isaac Schour Memorial Dentistry Student Research Award. From L to R: Dr. Luisa DiPietro, Nisha Mehta (award: 2010), Dr. Gottlieb, Cassandra McKenzie (award: 2010), Ariel Johnson, Mat Wietecha (award: 2008), and Jongnuk Lee (award: 2009)


First Annual Pre-dental Undergraduate Research Symposium a Great Success

by Kaitrin Baloue, DMD/PhD student, SRG Event Organizer


Group photo of undergraduate research participants and SRG members during UIC's first annual Pre-dental Undergraduate Research Symposium on Saturday, April 2, 2011.

Dominican Univ.

Gabrielle Jackson

Transcriptional control of matrilin in an Aplyisa sensitization model


Marek Chudzik

Student Adjustment and Adaptation to College

Loyola Univ.

Sarah Idleman

Impacts of Elevated Atmosphere CO2 on Soil Bacterial Ammonia Oxidizers


Olga Dabrowski

Invasion of honeysuckle at Cranberry Slough Nature Preserve

Sindi Palomino

Acculturation and BMI in West Elsdon Community

Melissa Wagner

Differences in Diet between Food Desert and Non-Food Desert Area Residents of Chicago: 13C/12C and 15N/14N Isotopic Levels in Hair


Marissa Dziepak

Hemispheric Asymmetries in Language Processing Using Event-Related Optical Signal

Angelica Lagunas

Nitrogen Based Compound and New Ways to Improve Water Disinfection Techniques

St. Xavier Univ.

Isra Hamad

The effect of caffeine on onions

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