Peer Mentors


2014 AAMP Peer Mentors


Picture of Abbey


What is up! My name is Abbey Chu.You can also call me A.Chu or just sneeze. I am a senior and currently majoring in Psychology. I am obsessed with Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. My hobbies include cooking, working out, and playing video games. I enjoy meeting new people and making others laugh! I can't wait to meet you all in the Fall!


Picture of A. Diddy

Adithyan (A-Diddy)

My name is Adithyan but everyone calls me A-Diddy! I'm a third year majoring in Bioengineering on a Premed Track. I was previously a mentee and this will be my second year mentoring. I am heavily involved on campus with different organizations like Global Brigades, Student Activities Board, and Bioengineering Organization Alliance. I love all sports, but my favorites are soccer, tennis and basketball. I am a huge Bulls fan too! In my free time I love to hang out with friends, play sports, and explore the city's restaurants, beaches, museums, and neighborhoods.

Picture of Anh


My name is Anh. I am a sophomore. I am majoring in Chemistry and also doing pre-pharmacy. I like to eat a lot, mainly Korean and Thai food. I like Korean dramas but I am not obsessed with them. I love steak and asian smoothies!



Picture of Anthoney


I'm Anthoney, but you can call me Ants or even Honey and I'm a second year Kinesiology major. I work at Enso, my dojo, because I love karate. My responsibilities include running the front desk, cleaning the equipment, and teaching little kids how to properly attack one another. Don't worry if you see me a bit bruised up; my little brother probably kicked me. I also enjoy watching Netflix/YouTube and finding excuses to hang out with friends. "Being a mentee in AAMP" was one of my excuses my freshman year, but I plan on making "being a mentor in AAMP" an even better excuse this year!

Picture of Ben



My interests include gaming: League of Legends on the PC and Clash of Clans on the cell phone. My favorite color is orange, and my favorite food is steak. For fun, I like to walk/bike because it saves gas while forcing you to pass the time talking with friends as opposed to ignoring others and listening to cranked up music. At night, I also enjoy running in low temperatures.




Hey this is Damini Patel and I will be a junior this fall semester. I am a Biological Sciences major with a pre-professional goal of medicine. I enjoy watching football and basketball. Although I never played basketball in high school, some things I love to do are play volleyball, badminton, and run. In my downtime, I love to be adventurous and explore the city. Overall I am so happy to be a part of AAMP for a second year; I cannot wait to meet all the new mentees!

Picture of Elaine



Hey guys! Well, my name is Elaine, but most people call me... Elaine (I hope you got my Blazing Saddles movie reference). I am a sophomore majoring in Neuroscience with a pre-med track. I am also a Resident Assistant at MRH. Some semi-interesting things about me: I shoot archery (Like Legolas), I quote How I Met Your Mother like it's my job (Neil Patrick Harris is the best), dancing is my favorite hobby, and coffee is my weakness. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you this year!

Picture of James



I enjoy dancing and working out (mainly running) and shopping. I love eating different foods and exploring new cities. I am a brother of Kappa Pi Beta Fraternity Inc., the Treasure of Filipinos in Alliance, and one of the communications chairs of the Midwest Asian American Students Union (MAASU). My favorite food is Kimchi and Sushi and I am a coffee addict.

Picture of Jullie


Hi everyone, my name is Hyojung Jullie Han. So far everyone at school except my sister calls me Jullie. I'm in my second year majoring in Physics. I'm a 1.5 generation Korean. I love Korean culture -- its people, media, traditions, arts, etc. I'm really excited for AAMP this year!


Picture of Kara L.

Kara L.

Hi! My name is Kara and I am a 2nd generation Chinese American. I can speak Cantonese, and am learning Mandarin. I was born in Bloomington, IL, but moved to Portage, WI for most of my life. I moved back here because of my dad's retirement and because I have relatives living in the area. I chose to go to UIC to experience living in the city for the first time and because of the diverse community. I came to UIC to meet new people and make new friends. I don't have a favorite food, but my least favorite is sushi or anything that has raw seafood!! YUCK!!


Picture of Kara

Kara M.


Hola! Konichiwa! Ni hao! Anyoung! and HELLOOOO future mentees of 2014!! My name is Kara and I love studying languages! Hence, my field of study is teaching of English. My ultimate dream though is to teach Japanese and some sort of martial art. I love working out, but equally enjoy the joys of lazing around and eating, I’ll try anything. Anyways~ I’m more than excited to get to know each and every one of you! See ya soon! ^^ 



Hey ya'll! My name is Kenneth Huynh, you can call me Kenny! 
I really like to get out there and chill.  Chilling is my thing.  So if you ever want to chill hit me up! Oh I also like food anything but clams, those are a bit odd.  I like video games, sports, and heart 2 heart talks! I'm involved on a variety of different organizations on campus so ask me about them! But my absolute favorite one would be AAMP! 

Picture of Kevin



Hey guys! I'm Kevin Wu, an upcoming junior this year studying chemical engineering and pre-medicine. I love doing everything from sports like snowboarding to playing nerdy music in band. I also have a passion for teaching, so if you ever want guitar or orgo lessons, I'm here for ya! Just don't try studying with me, because we'll never get anything done.


Picture of Queena



Hi curious cats. I am currently a sophomore studying psychology and bioloy with pre-med. In my free time, I love to sketch (though not a fan of having charcoal stained fingers), hanging out with friends, watching anime, and trying out different coffee shops and restaurants. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to talk to me... in person, via the interwebz, or send me an owl. Whatever floats your boat. I can't wait to meet you all this Fall semester. It's going to be an awesome year!





Hey guys! My name is Rohan Patel and I'm a junior majoring in Biochemistry minoring in Psychology with a pre-medicine goal! Some fun facts about me, I'm absolutely in love with anything Korean (Kpop, variety shows, the occasional drama) and I spent 5 months living and studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea! I love eating good food, exploring the city, watching tv, and hanging out with friends! If you guys have any questions about school, study abroad, where to eat, just ask away!





What's cooking guys! I'm Saipriya. I'm a junior majoring in neuroscience with a track in Pre-Dentistry. My favorite things to do include singing, dancing, and eating new kinds of food. I also love watching old comedy TV shows like Friends and King of Queens and the Food Network. My dream is to become a culinary superstar one day so if you ever want to discuss food, I'm always ready.


Picture of Stephanie


Hi everyone, I'm Stephanie. I'm going into my second year at UIC, and I'm a bioengineering major who would love to go into research for nanoscience and nanotechnology in medicine. Besides being a total nerd though, I'm also really interested with music as I play a few instruments and sing, or at least I would like to think so haha. I'm way too dorky to be cool, but I am nice, so don't be afraid to say hi and have a conversation with me. :)

Picture of Saya

Stiffany (Saya)

Hello! My name is Stiffany, but you can call me Saya! I'm a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Anthropology. I'm Vice President of Japanese Conversation club too. This is my first time being a mentor and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone! My hobbies include talking about idols and TV shows, listening to music (Kpop & Jpop), drawing, reading manga, watching anime, and Japanese and Korean dramas. I love to karaoke and sing Disney songs! Food makes me happy and smoothies make my day. I hope to be good friends and make AAMP a great experience for you all!




Hey! My name is Sutikshna and I'm a senior double majoring in Neuroscience and English. If you're ever looking for me, I'm most likely at the nearest Dunkin' Donuts. A word to the wise: it's a great place to study, eat, hang out, and (occasionally) sleep. I love music and try to learn a new style every month. Also, I pursue classical Indian music and dance! My favorite pastimes are taking long walks, exploring new areas and getting to know new people. The last one is probably why I joined AAMP, and it is one of the most rewarding choices I've made! Hope I have the pleasure of meeting you sometime.



Hello! My name is Thomas, I'm studying Chemistry and Mathematics, and this will be my 3rd year at UIC. I have some pretty strong interests in literature, music, and music theory; and so for fun I'm often reading a book or listening to music. When I was a mentee AAMP made such a significant impact on me I wanted to give back to the program any way I could. And so now I am happily entering my second year as a mentor! I am looking forward to meeting and learning from all of you!

Picture of Tina


Hello! I'm Tina - a Biology major and in my third year at UIC. I excel at laughing uncontrollably and at talking a lot once I know you. I like to read comics backwards and am always looking for people with whom I can have deep conversations about Harry Potter. I also participate in DRIC (Deeper Roots in Christ) and am an active member of my church. I hope we can have a great year!

Picture of Tommy



My name is Tommy Kim, I'm a 4th year Kinesiology major student. I'm a sports guy so I enjoy playing sports as well as watching them. I usually play basketball more than others and it's my favorite sport as well. I like pretty much all the Chicago teams, except for the White Sox, Go Cubs (Sad). I don't really have favorite food but I have to say I love all Korean food since I'm Korean. I also like playing video games during my free time.




My name is Waymond and I am ready to help you get out there and meet new people while transitioning into college life. A little about myself, I am currently a junior and my major is Biology. In my free time, I go to work out at the student recreation facility (who doesn't love to get fit?? I DO!) I love to spend a lot of time going out, having fun with others, and getting to know a lot of people. Hope to see you soon!