Peer Mentors


2013 AAMP Peer Mentors




Hello! My name is Adithyan, but people call me A. Diddy. I'm a sophomore and I'm really excited to meet everyone!



Hi everyone! I am Ali Salvador, a senior majoring in Neuroscience (Pre-med). This is my second year being a mentor and eager to meet all of you. I enjoy eating lots and lots of food. I am not a picky person at all.The most bizarre food I have eaten before are chocolate 'chirp' cookiesfrom Brookfield zoo (they have crickets in them!). So if you are notafraid to eat bizarre food or want to know more about them, come talk tome!



Hey everyone! My name is Ari, and I’m looking forward to meeting you all this upcoming semester. I am in love with Japanese traditional and pop culture, thus leading me to my international studies minor. I enjoy various hobbies such as sports, video games, music, and food (yes, food is a hobby). However, my favorite hobby is definitely a card game called Cardfight!! Vanguard.

I was introduced to the Asian American Mentor Program (AAMP) as a freshman, and it is by far the greatest experience I had as a new student at UIC. I look forward to getting to know you new students, and I hope we can make some awesome memories together!




Hello! My name is Arianne and I'm a junior majoring in Kinesiology. I was a mentee my freshman year and this is my second year as a mentor. I love to play sports: volleyball, basketball, football, and ultimate frisbee. I also like to humiliate people in billiards. I am also active in school organizations such as Alpha Phi Omega, Kines Club, etc. I love meeting new people so I'm looking forward to meet you all. 



Hey this is Damini Patel and I will be a sophomore this fall semester. I am a Biological Sciences major with the intention of pre-med. I am a huge Celtics and Bulls fan! Though, I never played basketball in high school, some things I love to do are play volleyball, badminton, and run. I am huge reader as well and love to read all sorts of books. My weakness is food especially french fries. In my downtime, I love to be adventurous and go on explorations throughout the city, Wicker Park being one of my favorite places to go! Overall I am so happy to be a part of AAMP, with this being my first year; I cannot wait to meet all the new mentees!



Heya! My name is Donnie Chang and I am currently a senior studying Psychology with Pre-Dentistry. I am also minoring in Asian American Studies. You if you have any questions about these fields or study, or any other field, just let me know! Just a bit about me: I like to watching TV and YouTube in my free time (I am currently obsessed with the show Running Man); eating is a much-enjoyed pastime (I LOVE sweets); but giving love and affection to my cat Minzy has to be my favorite hobby! I am ready and AAMPed (teehee) for this new semester to start. I can't wait to meet all of you!



Class of 2016

Neuroscience/GPPA Public Health

I am a pretty average college sophomore. I really enjoy learning about Chicago and exploring new neighborhoods. I'm pretty involved on campus with the Clinton Global Initiative University, Honors College Ambassador program and various other volunteer organizations. In my free time I like to go to the Adler Planetarium or just stay in and watch Netflix. I love anything Disney and will always be a medical drama fangirl (House, Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, etc etc). 



Sophomore, Accounting

I’m a pretty kick back person who’s down to do anything really.  Like most guys I love to play video games and watch movies.  In high school I played football and ran track, but now that I’m no longer committed to a full time sport I keep myself active by pumping some iron at the gym and occasionally playing pick-up games of basketball even though I’m not good at it.  All in all I’m a very diverse well rounded person.  I love all types of food except for pasta.  I like sports but am also into the geekier stuff like anime, manga, video games, etc.  I’m not the shy guy but not the loud obnoxious one either.



Hello beautiful people! My name's Henna. I'm a senior who is majoring in English and Psychology and minoring in Asian American Studies. I absolutely love sports. So, if you're a sports enthusiast that wants to talk about Trestman's chances of getting a solid O-line or Derrick Rose's performance this upcoming season, I'm your gal. Other than talking about sports all day, I tutor at the Writing Center in Grant Hall, which you all are welcome to for assistance with any writing assignment from any class. I'm really looking forward to meeting you all in the Fall and hope that we can make this a great year!



I try to be outgoing but am introverted at heart. All different kinds of things interest me - movies, shows, and of course anything gaming related! I play mostly old video games though. Bleach is my favorite anime. Overall I just enjoy talking and learning about different things.



Junior, Chemistry

I am from the Philippines and I have been living in the U.S. for 11 years. I am currently working on my B.S. in Chemistry. On my free time, I like to hang out with my friends, try new food places, watch movies, go shopping, or play games online. I also like to bake sweets such as cakes, brownies, cookies, and cupcakes whenever I feel bored at home.



4th year, Biological Sciences

I'm currently in my last year at UIC, but hopefully I'll be attending pharmacy school next year. I like to read, play video games, watch anime and sew, whether it be cosplay or plush toys. I have a weakness for cute things and I love to eat!




I like to bike and travel around Chicago especially on bike trails. Tennis, basketball, and soccer are the sport that I love to play. My interests are meeting new people and trying new foods when I go out to different restaurants!




Senior, Finance

Hello everyone, my name is Kenneth Huynh, you guys can refer to me as Kenny.
I like long walks in the rain and playing Tennis as well as just about anything.  
My favorite food is any food that's not clams... clams are not me.
Oh and if anyone is a gamer, hit me up I love playing games! Especially League of Legends! 




Junior, Anthropology

What is good young people. When I'm not dropping vegetables into a hot wok over a fire flame stove, I'm dropping sick verses over fire flame beats. Yet, behind this hardcore, funky fresh exterior lies the tender heart of a man who enjoys the occasional Game of Thrones (both the books and the HBO series), volunteering, and going to exotic places. Don't be afraid to hit me up with any questions and concerns about school, city life, life, liberty, and/or the pursuit of happiness. I hope you're as ecstatic as I am to meet up and hang out!"



Senior, Economics

I plan on attending law school in Chicago upon graduating from UIC. While I am an avid reader, I do make time to enjoy movies and television, including sports events (cannot WAIT for the next Olympics!). I absolutely love to travel, with my favorite adventure spot thus far being Quebec. My other major extracurricular for the year is Student Activities Board (SAB).




My name is Mena. I am currently a senior at UIC. I am majoring in chemistry and planning to go to pharmacy school.  I was born in the US, but I grew up in Iran.  I moved back to the US in Dec 2008 and have been living in the Chicago area since then.  I enjoy gardening, listening to classical music and also electronic music, hiking and reading.



Hi there! My name is Rohan! I am a second year student majoring in Biochemistry (Pre-Medicine) and minoring in Spanish! This will be my first year as a mentor! A little bit about myself as a student; I am officer in 3 organizations, an active member in a total of 8 organizations, and a Sickle Cell Disease research assistant at the College of Medicine. But I do lots of things outside of school; I love sleeping, hanging out with friends, playing volleyball, and eating good food! I am also in love with Korean culture, from Korean dramas, Kpop and especially variety shows (Running Man!)!! My dream is to go to visit Korea, and experience the culture, people, and food! I love hanging around AARCC and the Honors College Lounge, so if you find me there, don't hesitate to talk to me about anything!



Hey! What’s up!  My name is Ryan Dela Cruz I am a junior studying mechanical engineering.  My hobbies are playing sport and video games, socializing, and meeting new people.  I joined AAMP because I like helping others adjust to a new environment and want to help incoming freshman and transfer students to experience an awesome first year at UIC =D



Greetings! My name is Saipriya. I'm a sophomore and currently majoring in psychology but that is due to change to neuroscience very soon! My favorite hobbies include singing and listening to all types of music (except heavy metal… so sorry). My days are definitely incomplete without doing either of the two. I am very very passionate about dentistry and my ultimate goal in life is to have a comma DDS next to my name. I love teeth and immensely enjoy calling people out on not flossing (I'm not out to get you, I swear). My favorite TV channels are Food Network and TBS. I imagine myself to be a great cook one day, although for now, I can barely make a grilled cheese properly. I am very easy to talk to so feel free to come to me about anything! :-)



Hey, my name is Sutikshna. I’m a sophomore at UIC, currently planning on majoring in neuroscience.  However, I’m also considering public health.  Apart from academics, I am highly involved in South Indian Classical dance and music, and have been learning and performing for the past thirteen years.  Eventually, I hope to go into a career related to health sciences and simultaneously perform music and dance for a wide range of audiences.  For me, my experience with AAMP brought me into the community with a warm welcome and sense of comfort.  I hope to be able to do the same for others!



Tae Min Kim

Junior, Kinesiology

I like to play sports whenever I have free time. I also like watching sports. Big Bulls fan. I am Korean and my favorite food is definitely Korean food hands down.



Hello, I'm Tina! I'm a sophomore majoring in Biological Studies (pre-med). I'm involved in Deeper Roots in Christ, Unite for Sight, and this year, I'll be an AAMP mentor! I'm also a part of my church choir and youth group. I'm from South India, but I also love to learn more about Korean culture and music. Whenever I travel, I enjoy discovering unique earrings and tasting new foods wherever I go. I'm very talkative, so please strike up a conversation! I warn you, though - I tend to fall over when I laugh.



Hello! My name is Thomas Insley, I'm studying Chemistry and Mathematics, and this is my second year at UIC. I'm a big fan of reading and music; and so I've usually got a book with me since they're a little easier to carry around than my cello. I had a wonderful time with the AAMP program as a mentee my first year, and I hope to help provide you with an experience just as great! I hope you're ready for a new school year!



Hello Fall 2013 AAMP mentees, my name is Waymond Zhou and I am one of the many AAMP mentors that are ready to help you get out there and meet new people while transitioning into college life more easily. A little about myself, I am currently a sophomore during the Fall 2013 semester and my major is Biology. On my free time, I go to work out at the student recreation facility (who doesn't love to get fit?? I DO!) I love to spend a lot of time going out, having fun with others, and getting to know a lot of people. When you first meet me, you will notice that I would really like to get you a lot more! Hope to see you soon!