Student Organizations

Student Organizations, Networks, Conferences and Leadership Resources

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Student Organizations

Student Orgs (continued)

Asian American InterVarsity

Asian American Students in Alliance

alpha Kappa Delta Phi National Sorority, Inc

Alpha Phi Gamma Sorority, Inc.

Asian Pharmacists Association

Association of Indian Pharmacists in America

UIC Bhangra

Bengali Students Association

Chinese Students and Scholars Association

Chinmaya Yuva Kendra UIC


Chi Sigma Tau National Fraternity, Inc

Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity, Inc.


Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc.

Filipinos in Alliance

Hindu Students Council

Indian Student Association

Indian Graduate Student Association

Japanese Audio Visual Cultural Association

Japanese Conversation Club


Ju-Justu Club

Kappa Pi Beta Fraternity, Inc

Korean American Student Association

Korean Graduate Student Association

Muslim Pharmacy Students Association


Student Networks, Conferences, and Leadership Resources (Off-Campus)

MAASU: Midwest Asian American Student Union

FACT:  "Filipino Americans Coming Together"

MAFA: Midwest Association of Filipino Americans

ECAASU: East Coast Asian American Student Union

VIA-1: Vietnamese Interacting As One Conference

UNAVASA-10: Union of North American VIetnamese Student Association

Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Student Association

Korean American Students Conference (KASCON)

APIA U: Leadership 101

National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in HIgher Education