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Email Discussion and Online Conferencing
Contents 1. Online Conferencing 2. Netnews/Usenet News 3. Listserv Email Lists 4. Listserv FAQ

Online Conferencing and Talk

Graphical Group Conferencing Systems
-- Blackboard

Blackboard \ is a Web-based integrated teaching and learning environment. As part of its learning environment, it supports announcements, threaded discussions, course study groups, and real-time chat with Whiteboard and Web-tour. (Along with a full range of other learning related tasks: electronic homework collection, integrated learning units, student assessment with instant grading and feedback, random quizzes, anonymous course evaluations, student tracking and course statistics, and a consistent and easy-to-use Web user interface.)

-- Mallard

Mallard is a Web-based interactive quizzing tool, which can be used for an (otherwise) traditionally structured course as well as for distance education courses. You must have an ACCC netid and an account on icarus or tigger to use Mallard, and you must be registered for the course in question.

-- Lotus Notes

Notes is a database-driven groupware application that manages and distributes information on the network, using either a dedicated Notes client or its Domino Web interface. Notes uses a client/server model to collect, share, and search documents. Notes applications may be either public or private.

-- Text-Based Chat Programs
-- Jabber

Jabber is an open source instant messaging system based on XML, with client software available for all the major operating systems. Jabber makes it easy to communicate online with fellow UIC staff and students. The ACCC runs a jabber server, To use this jabber server, you must have a valid UIC netid and ACCC common password. For more information, see Jabber Services at UIC.

-- IRC

InterNet Relay Chat allows you to connect to a host and talk in real time to groups of people around the world in 'real' time. IRC clients are available for a wide range of platforms; the ACCC has IRC clients installed on tigger and icarus. Anyone with a tigger or icarus account can use irc.
Like email, the IRC should not be used trivially and must be used with courtesy. If you misuse or abuse the IRC, you will be subject to disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, the removal of your ACCC account.

-- ytalk

Ytalk is an improved version of the UNIX talk program, which allows individuals to "talk" to each other online, in real time. It is different than irc in that either you or the person you're talking to must initiate the conversation, and it is private, between you and one (or more) other people. The ACCC has ytalk installed on tigger and icarus; a compatible talk client is available for MS Windows (Wintalk). Anyone with a tigger or icarus account can use ytalk.

Other Software

-- UICalendar

UICalendar is a calendar and scheduling tool that uses the Oracle Calendar clients and an ACCC central server to provide all the calendaring services of an Outlook Exchange server.

There's a Web client that you can use from anywhere. UICal will also work with your PDA, if you wish, and there are clients for Windows, Macs, and Linux. You don't have to choose; you can use all of them and they'll all talk to each other! And because the calendar itself is held on an ACCC server, you won't lose it if your PC crashes or if the dog runs off with your PDA.

Any member of the UIC community, faculty, staff, and registered students (coming sometime in the 2003-2004 academic year), can use UICalendar at no cost.

UICal also allows you to give other individuals the right to view or even manage all or parts of your calendar for you.

-- UIC Announce


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