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Email Discussion and Online Conferencing
Contents 1. Online Conferencing 2. Netnews/Usenet News 3. Listserv Email Lists 4. Listserv FAQ

Using Usenet at UIC

Pick a News Server

Netnews, or Usenet, is a large collection of public bulletin boards. The ACCC no longer runs a news server, so, before you start, you should pick a news server; there are a number of free news servers on the Web. Or use a Web news reader, such as Google Groups.

Reading News
  You can read newsgroups from tigger or icarus by using tin or trn; or, if you are using an X server, with xrn. Even Pine, the UNIX mail program on tigger and icarus, can be configured to read news.

Newsgroups can be read directly on a PC with Netscape Messenger program.

Posting to Newsgroups

Posting from a UNIX account is easily done from within tin or trn; posting is possible from Pine, too, by using control-R to bring up the "rich header" and filling in the newsgroup name.

The Getting Started section in "Related Links" below includes links to a number of Netnews/Usenet "new user" messages, which include important advice on the etiquette of participating in newsgroups. Please check them out before you begin posting.

There are also UIC rules for appropriate email and news messages; see Electronic Mail Etiquette, Smilies, Emoticons, and Abbreviations.

Creating New Groups

We do not offer this service any more.

-- Consider Instead
  • Blackboard has richer features than Usenet and may be more suitable for a class discussion. CourseInfo uses its own (Web) interface, rather than a standard newsreader.
  • LISTSERV Lists are better if you prefer to have your group discussions via email rather than by checking news. It's also needed if you will have non-UIC members in your discussions.
  • UIC Announce is preferred for making public announcements to a UIC audience.
Related Links
-- Getting Started
-- Using Newsreaders


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