UIC Classifieds http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?showannounceonly=1 UIC Classifieds en-us Mon, 02 May 2016 12:13:12 -0500 Improve Your Writing Skills in Fall Semester http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1462121969:6524:1:210 <p>Date: May 2, 2016 | Informational</p> Would you like to improve your writing skills during the Fall 2016 Semester? Consider enrolling in Academic and Professional Writing (ASP 095), a full-semester course that focuses on enhancing students’ understanding of writing expectations in academia and the professions and strengthening their writing strategies and skills. The course emphasizes critical thinking as it applies to effective document planning and research, development of an efficient writing process, and accurate use of Edited American English. Students write a variety of brief documents related to their own programs of study. ASP 095 is open to both undergraduate and graduate students and is beneficial to English language learners in all academic disciplines.<br />ASP 095, Academic and Professional Writing (3 Hours, CRN 27863), will meet on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 2:00 to 2:50 p.m. in Behavioral Sciences Building (BSB) Room 161. Classes will begin meeting on Monday, August 22. Instructor: Jon Mann, Academic Center for Excellence.<br />Academic Skills Program (ASP) courses are designed to help students meet the reading, writing, study, and learning challenges at UIC. ASP courses are graded as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory and do not carry graduation credit, but they do contribute to determination of full- and part-time enrollment status and financial aid eligibility.<br /> jsmann@uic.edu http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1462121969:6524:1:210 Sun, 01 May 2016 11:59:29 -0000 Student General Office Aide http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1460998265:9913:1: <p>Date: May 2, 2016 | Position Available</p> The UI Cancer Center is seeking an undergraduate student General Office Aide. This position serves as an administrative assistant to Cancer Center Staff. <br />Responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to: Sorting and distribution mail, filing, drafting simple letters, operating common office equipment, completing forms and requisitions, record keeping, obtaining signatures on regulatory and financial documents, and distributing materials to the university's institutional review board. <br />Applicants must be a UIC student, available 15-20 hours per week, familiar with MS Office Word and Excel, and have the ability to work with databases. Must have the ability to organize and coordinate multiple activities to meet deadlines,<br />For consideration send an email with your resume to mehasing@uic.edu. Please include a little background in your email why you are interested in the position. This position is located on UIC's West Campus. mehasing@uic.edu http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1460998265:9913:1: Mon, 18 Apr 2016 11:51:05 -0000 POSITION AVAILABLE: Director of Administrative Operations, Primary Care, College of Medicine http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1460472061:3891:1:210 <p>Date: May 2, 2016 | Position Available</p> University of Illinois<br />College of Medicine<br />Director of Administrative Operations, Primary Care<br />The University of Illinois College of Medicine invites applicants for the position of Director of Administrative Operations. The College is undergoing significant growth in clinical care and clinical research and is looking for leaders to help build world-class departments, such as Family Medicine. We plan to hire multiple experienced individuals.<br />Responsibilities include management of all financial and personnel activities, including the preparation, monitoring and evaluation of fiscal and annual operating and capital budgets, grants and contracts, human resources, and information management. The individual will coordinate the 5 year planning and annual goal-setting activities. <br />We are looking for a forward-thinking, technically competent, independently-driven individual who will inspire and motivate the administrative team to achieve excellence. He/She will work closely with the Department Head and faculty in planning and implementing departmental policies and in developing and evaluating goals and strategies to distinguish the Department as one of the top performing primary care Departments in the country. Additional duties include overseeing regulatory compliance, contract negotiations, marketing and public relations, and business and philanthropic development. As well as serving as principal liaison and representative for personnel and financial matters to the University, College and hospital, and acting as a representative of the department on campus and university committees and meetings, and as liaison with community organizations. <br />Qualifications: <br />A Bachelor's degree required and/or Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration, Business Administration, or a related field is preferred. A minimum of 5 years of administrative/management experience in a clinical and research background is preferred.<br />For fullest consideration, applicants should submit online a letter of interest, a resume, and the names of 3 references at https://jobs.uic.edu/job-board by May 2, 2016. <br />UIC is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action employer. Minorities, women, veterans and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. <br />UIC may conduct background checks on all job candidates upon acceptance of a contingent offer. Background checks will be performed in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. rosalbaa@uic.edu http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1460472061:3891:1:210 Tue, 12 Apr 2016 09:42:53 -0000 Student General Office Aide http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1460997619:32186:1:211 <p>Date: May 2, 2016 | Position Available</p> dsmodrz@uic.edu http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1460997619:32186:1:211 Mon, 18 Apr 2016 11:40:19 -0000 3 BEDROOM APARTMENT FOR RENT http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1461353046:23723:1: <p>Date: May 2, 2016 | Roommate and Housing</p> Partially furnished with sofa, chair, desk, 2 futons, (can be removed from apt. if not needed). Central heat/air, washer and dryer in unit. Within 3 miles of UIC Campus. Located in Tri-Taylor/UIC Medical District. $1650/mo., utilities not included. One year lease. Available 5/1.<br />Call - (312) 523-6338 jcoletta@sbcglobal.net or tcoletta@uic.edu http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1461353046:23723:1: Fri, 22 Apr 2016 14:33:43 -0000 Social Justice Initiative Sawyer Seminar Dissertation Fellowship (DEADLINE EXTENDED) http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1461700485:27660:1:210 <p>Date: May 2, 2016 | Position Available</p> The Social Justice Initiative is offering 2 dissertation fellowships for the Sawyer Seminar, a grant funded project bringing together a diverse group of scholars, as well as public intellectuals and community activists to engage in dialogue around the theme, “Geographies of Justice: A Scholarly and Public Dialogue Series about the Contested Terrain and Meaning of Freedom in the late 20th and 21st Century World.” <br />Applicants should have dissertations relating to at least one of the Sawyer Seminar areas of focus, but ideally will overlap with multiple areas. The three areas of focus are Israel/Palestine since the 1967 war, Apartheid and Post-Apartheid South Africa, and the U.S. Black Freedom Movement from 1960-present. Dissertations should also relate to at least one of the thematic strains of the seminar: art as protest and a space for imagining alternative futures; education, pedagogies, epistemologies in flux; prisons, police, security, and violence; wealth disparities, economics, and labor rights.<br /> <br />The Dissertation Fellowships are one-year, non-renewable awards. The fellowships are intended to provide students with a period of time dedicated to completing their dissertation research and engaging with the seminar. The fellowships are open to students in the Humanities or Social Sciences who have passed their preliminary examinations at the University of Illinois-Chicago. The fellowships will provide a $20,000 stipend and cover tuition and benefits.<br />There will be a series of 3 convenings for the seminar; fellows are expected to participate in all convenings and planning process. <br /> <br />Required Application Materials:<br />● A statement of interest describing how your research aligns with the seminar and outlining the ways in which you intend to contribute to the seminar<br />● An abstract of dissertation research<br />● Resume/CV<br />● UIC transcripts<br />● Two letters of reference<br />The seminar proposal can be found on SJI's website at http://sji.uic.edu/sawyer.html. All application materials should be submitted to Emily Williams at emilywil@uic.edu by <br />May 16, 2016.<br /> char@uic.edu http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1461700485:27660:1:210 Tue, 26 Apr 2016 14:58:45 -0000 Do you have allergies and intermittent asthma? http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1456499991:7654:1:210 <p>Date: May 2, 2016 | Informational</p> Do you have allergies and intermittent asthma?<br />University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is conducting a study of individuals with allergies and intermittent asthma to better understand the causes of lung The (airway) inflammation in asthma.<br />Study activities will include allergy testing, blood testing, breathing (lung function) tests and bronchoscopy.<br />Transportation costs to and from the study site will be reimbursed and a stipend provided for your participation.<br />If interested in participating in this study conducted by Dr. Gye Young Park in the Department of Medicine at UIC, please contact the Clinical Research Center at:<br />Phone: 312-996-2937<br />Email: ccts_crc@uic.edu <br /> ccts_crc@uic.edu http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1456499991:7654:1:210 Fri, 26 Feb 2016 09:19:51 -0000 Visiting Research Specialist http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1461685525:23234:1:211 <p>Date: May 2, 2016 | Position Available</p> The Health Media Collaboratory (HMC) within the Institute for Health Research and Policy at the University of Illinois at Chicago is currently seeking a full time Visiting Research Specialist to bridge work on a critical infrastructure project related to the acquisition, storage, management and use of a large data lake for public health research projects. <br />HMC is a multidisciplinary team of social science researchers that collaborate and develop rigorous and innovative methods to study how media impacts health behavior. Current research studies focusing on tobacco and smoking behaviors are funded by the National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and The Legacy Foundation. Our team is currently ingesting, and curating social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) data from GNIP’s Inc. firehose, as well as streaming and search public APIs.<br /> <br />We are looking for an experienced data scientist and python programmer who can collaborate in maintaining and expanding the code used in the front end and back end of evolving research protocols. As a seasoned python programmer, he/she masters the intricacies of using social media data, SQL and NoSQL databases (MongoDB), API's, json and xml formats, etc. The data scientist will work closely with a data analyst to help develop the vision of a qualitative data management system to visualize, analyze and curate large data sets. <br /> <br />Position Requirements:<br />• Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems (MIS), Computer Science (CS) or Computer Engineering (CE)<br />• 3 years of related research experience<br />• Strong working knowledge of programming with Python<br />• Experience with database management systems such as MongoDB or other NoSQL database and familiarity with its administration<br />• Professional interpersonal manner, reliable, and responsible<br />• Strong verbal and written communication skills<br />• Experience managing and leading others<br />• Capable of working with a multidisciplinary group<br />Preferred Qualifications:<br />• Master’s degree in MIS, CS, CE or related field<br />• 1-2 years working experience in MIS, CS or CE related field<br />• Working experience in a research environment<br />• Familiarity with JSON, XML, API’s, etc.<br />• Experience with Machine Learning algorithms using Python<br />• Familiarity with Javascript, Pyramid, and Jenkins<br />• Familiarity with statistical methods and software such as SAS, R, Stata<br />For fullest consideration, please submit an application through the Hiretouch system https://jobs.uic.edu/job-board/job-details?jobID=62879&job=visiting-research-specialist-ihrp and attach a resume and cover letter by May 10, 2016.<br /> <br />IHRP and UIC are an EOE/AA/M/F/Disabled/Veteran<br /> Resumes_ihrp@uic.edu http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1461685525:23234:1:211 Tue, 26 Apr 2016 10:45:48 -0000 Research Hourly Position Available Immediately http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1461621547:12845:1:210 <p>Date: May 2, 2016 | Position Available</p> The Institute for Health Research and Policy is currently seeking a Research Hourly employee for the Institute’s Methodology Research Core. This position will work with the Director of the Methods Core and corresponding Principal Investigators in the development of research study protocols as well as the management of proposals, grants and subcontracts in correspondence with health and behavioral research projects. This role will require: pre-and post-award management of Federal and foundation funding as well as providing input on research approaches and dissemination, including database management and data analysis; serve as a subject matter expert for compliance with federal, state, and internal guidelines and policies (IRB, FCOI, public access, etc.); assist researchers with pre-award processes for Federal and private grant submissions in addition to providing guidance on project resources needed for budget development; manage online databases for research project data collection, assisting users with detailed troubleshooting and project design questions; collaborate with principal investigator and research team to provide input on research approach; track and manage project funding across departments and external institutions; disseminate research findings; conduct research activities in accordance with the project aims and goals to meet sponsor deadlines including data collection, protocol writing and editing, literature searches and summations, and research design assessment. Bachelor’s degree required along with a minimum of one year related research experience. Experience working with databases and/or data analysis experience a plus. For fullest consideration, please submit a cover letter and resume by May 4, 2016 to Ahlam Al-Kodmany at ryyan@uic.edu<br /> <br />IHRP and UIC are an EOE/AA/M/F/Disabled/Veteran<br /> ryyan@uic.edu http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1461621547:12845:1:210 Mon, 25 Apr 2016 16:59:41 -0000 Looking for female roommate http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1462115575:2551:1: <p>Date: May 2, 2016 | Roommate and Housing</p> Spacious room available for rent in a three bedroom apartment until the end of July. <br />The available room is big and the living and dining room is fully furnished. <br />Excellent location. The apartment is walking distance to UIC and right in the heart of Little Italy, which offers a variety of restaurants. There is also a CVS close by. There are plenty of buses that run right outside the apartment. <br />Currently, there are two girls living there who are UIC students. They are neat, studious, friendly and easygoing!<br />Available for rent starting May 1st. asalma5@uic.edu http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1462115575:2551:1: Sun, 01 May 2016 10:39:45 -0000 Improve Your Reading and Writing Skills in Fall Semester http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1462118819:7311:1: <p>Date: May 2, 2016 | Informational</p> Would you like to improve your critical thinking, reading, and writing skills during the Fall 2016 Semester? Consider enrolling in Critical Strategies for Reading and Writing Success (ASP 090), a full-semester course that focuses on strengthening students’ critical reading and writing strategies to maximize their learning experience and academic performance at UIC. The course addresses critical thinking as it applies to reading and writing about college-level essays, mass media texts, and scholarly articles, and it gives students practice in writing summaries, syntheses, and analyses of selected texts. ASP 090 is open to both undergraduate and graduate students and is beneficial to English language learners in all fields of study.<br />ASP 090, Critical Strategies for Reading and Writing Success (3 Hours, CRN 10300), will meet on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:00 to 9:50 a.m. in Behavioral Sciences Building (BSB) Room 361. Classes will begin meeting on Monday, August 22. Instructor: Jon Mann, Academic Center for Excellence.<br />Academic Skills Program (ASP) courses are designed to help students meet the reading, writing, study, and learning challenges at UIC. ASP courses are graded as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory and do not carry graduation credit, but they do contribute to determination of full- and part-time enrollment status and financial aid eligibility.<br /> jsmann@uic.edu http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1462118819:7311:1: Sun, 01 May 2016 11:06:59 -0000 Taylor/Loomis Apt. http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1459368889:21659:1:210 <p>Date: May 2, 2016 | Roommate and Housing</p> llopez46@uic.edu http://www.uic.edu/htbin/eventcal/eventcal.fcgi?dispatch=search&amp;uid=1459368889:21659:1:210 Wed, 30 Mar 2016 15:14:49 -0000