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General Security
General security intro Concepts, attacks, defenses
Passwords - Choosing a Safe Password
Passwords - About Your ACCC Password And how to change it.
Password Changing Utility Change your ACCC password on the Web.
Phishing Email FAQ How to spot dangerous email messages before they bite you!
Connect to ACCC Unix Using SSH and SFTP You must use SSH or sFTP, secure telnet and FTP when connecting to ACCC Unix servers.
Email - Strong Security using and SSL
Security Tools
PasswordVault Secure storage for all your passwords in one place.
PEAR - Secure Email/File Transfer A secure, easy way to send a file to anyone at the University of Illinois.
Securing Your Remote Logins and File Transfer - SSH and SFTP Software SSH Secure telnet, FTP, and X Windows
Backups - ADSM Personal computer backup over the network at UIC.
Zone Labs Integrity Desktop Firewall and other security utilities for Windows.
Using the Mac OS X Firewall
OpenVPN Client OpenVPN Virtual Private Networking UIC gateway, configuration files, and clients. OpenVPN replaces the old Cisco VPN clients; please stop using them and install OpenVPN.
PGP Desktop Protection for your data, for Macs, Windows, and Unix
Certificate Purchase Program ACCC will help you purchase a server certificate for use with SSL web servers.
Bluestem Application Server Use bluestem security from a departmental web server.
Vulnerability Network Scanner (Net Security mostly) Scan your own machine; NetSecs can scan all authorized machines
Router Filters (Net Security mostly) List of Filtered Machines. Individuals can lookup single IP addresses if they suspect their machine has been filtered from the network.
Securing Your PC
How to secure a PC
AntiVirus Software Everyone at UIC should use this FREE site-licensed antivirus software to protect their personal computers -- either PC or Mac -- from viruses. The page also has links to virus and security alert info.
Virus and Spyware Removal for Windows
Securing Red Hat Linux And Download Red Hat Linux AutoRPM Patches
Wiping PCs and Macs Active@ Eraser (Windows) and Super Scrubber (Macs), software to thoroughtly erase your computer's disks.
Finding Your Machine's MAC Address For Macs, Windows, and Unix

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