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Web Publishing
Web Publishing Pages for classes or departments, tools, and resources.
Web Developers Workshop Tools, logos, templates for departmental pages.
UIC on iTunes U - Overview About UIC-related digital media content via the iTunes Music Store.
Web Publishing - For Beginners A tutorial on Web publishing at UIC.
Web Publishing Help
Web Publishing - Advanced Tools CGI, ssi, record hits, check pages, ...
Web Publishing - Web Form to Email Create Web forms that send you email.
Web Publishing - Forms to Search Your Web Pages. Create Web forms that visitors can use to search your Web pages.
Lotus Notes Specialized databases and Web publishing.
PDF Maker Web tool to make PDF or convert PostScript.
Special Services
ACME ACCC Computer Management for Everyone.
PC Repair On-site installation and repair of PCs and Macs.
Technology in Classrooms Learning Environments & Technology Services (LETS)
Collaboration Stations Work areas for groups to work collectively on a project.
UICalendar - How-To Docs Download, install, and users guides for UICalendar, a synchronized online, Web, and PDA calendar and scheduling tool.
Exchange Services ACCC-provided, full-featured Exchange email services.
WebDisks Web access to your files from anywhere, using a Mac, Windows, or Unix client, or the Web page. In all cases, you login with your UIC netid and your ACCC Common password.
Dedicated Virtual Servers Windows and Linux virtual servers for departmental or other use, to help reduce the need for departments to run their own web, file, or other servers.
Video Conferencing
UIC Emergency SMS Notification Optional official UIC system to send emergency alerts by SMS text messages.
Certificate Purchase Program ACCC will help you purchase a server certificate for use with SSL web servers.
Backups - ADSM Personal computer backup over the network at UIC.
Backups - ADSM Backup Status Tool Web tool to check the status of your ADSM backups.
RT Helpdesk Manage your own departmental helpdesk (Dept. Admins only)
Services for Smartphones
Emergency SMS Notification Signup for UIC Emergency Notifications via SMS text messages.
UICalendar Wireless Sync Sync your mobile phone or PDA directly with the UIC UICalendar server.
UICalendar iCal Web links Bring a copy your UICalendar agenda into other calendar programs, such as iCal, Google Calendar, and Yahoo Calendar.
ACCC Services and Android Phones
ACCC Services and the iPhone

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