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ACCC Glossary of Computer Terms
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ACCC Glossary of Computer Terms

  This document contains an alphabetically arranged glossary of common computer related terms. There is further information on many of the concepts introduced here available in other ACCC Documents.

Please see also's PC Webopedia for a wealth of information about most anything to do with personal computing, FYI 18/RFC 1983: Internet Users' Glossary for additional Internet and computer communications related terms, The World Wide Web Acronym and Abbreviation Server for the obvious, and the IBM HELP Glossary of Computer Related Terms for an astonishing glossary with the emphasis on IBM and CMS related terms. There's more, too, see the list in Acronyms, Glossaries, and Dictionaries.

[Editor's Note: As a means of sharing information, the ACCC exchanges newsletters with many other colleges, universities and research institutions. Many of the definitions in this glossary are adapted from articles published in these outside newsletters. Too many of these resources have been used to cite each one individually, but without the information they contain, this glossary would be very much less complete. Their collective input is gratefully acknowledged. Also, Internetworking Terms and Acronyms, a small book produced and distributed by Cisco Systems, Inc., was used as the source of the definitions of a number of the networking terms, and Webster's New World Dictionary of Computer Terms was used to check or clarify many additional definitions.]



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