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Clickers - Student Response Systems

Clickers Overview

The Instructional Technology Lab supports two types of clickers, "i>Clicker" and "TurningPoint". Please see information below to decide which option is best for your class environment.

Our recommendation is to have the software for the clicker installed on your laptop and bring your laptop to the presentation room. The appropriate software will be installed in the lecture halls but is not available at this time.


iClicker Photoi>Clicker is an student response system that instantly provides feedback from the students and posts the students answers to the questions posed by their instructor(s).

  • Great solution for standard questions and answers, such as multiple choice.
  • Each student uses a "clicker," a portable, handheld device that allows students to vote by "clicking" on the appropriate button for his/her choice.
  • Each instructor uses a receiver that collects votes sent by students’ clickers. Light and portable, the receiver is powered through any computer’s USB port.
  • Instructors present a question and enable polling.
  • Each student responds by “clicking” the appropriate button for his or her choice.
  • A wireless signal is sent immediately from each responding clicker to the receiver.
  • The receiver, through iClicker’s easy-to-use software, logs and stores the data of each individual student.
  • The instructor can then display voting results in a graph, to the audience.
  • The results are also available for later analysis, grading, and exporting to any gradebook software or course management system.

Student Registeration of their i>Clicker

In order for students to use i>Clickers in your class, they need to register their clickers using the UIC identifier that you are planning to use.

If a student has multiple classes/instructors using i>Clickers using the same UIC identifier, only one i>Clicker registration is needed, namely, the one associating the students clicker with the same UIC identifier used by all his/her classes.

On the other hand, if a student has multiple classes/instructors using different i>Clicker UIC identifiers (like UIC netids for some classes and UINs for others) then the student needs to register his/her clicker multiple times using all the UIC identifiers that are being used for his/her classes.

i>Clicker Documentation and Software Downloads

TurningPoint Clickers

Turning Point Clicker PhotoTurningPoint audience response solution is ideal for all environments and is 100% native with Microsoft PowerPoint®. . TurningPoint software in conjunction with ResponseCard® keypads (clickers) creates a wireless audience response and voting system that enables educators, trainers and presenters to develop and administer real-time assessments of participants from within Microsoft® PowerPoint®. Transform your next presentation into a wireless audience response tool that can seamlessly identify and confirm participant understanding, increase participant attentiveness, and gather, rank and report critical information simultaneously in real-time.

TurningPoint provides further analysis of audience response data via reports that easily move data into preformatted MS Excel® and MS Word® templates. Sharing information is made simple through the TurningPoint response solution. TurningPoint's unique design allows it to seamlessly operate with the leading hardware products and education content solutions, like Word, Excel and Blackboard.

  • Easy Installation - Plug and play hardware setup
  • Native to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Customize your presentations with graphs, countdown timers and correct answer indicators
  • Multiple post-session reporting options

ResponseCards and Receivers

  • Turning Technologies offers a variety of ResponseCards to meet your specific audience or student response goals and objectives
  • Turning Technologies offers a variety of state-of-the art, "plug & play" response receivers for use with ResponseCard keypads to meet the specific needs of your environment

TurningPoint Documentation and Software Downloads

Getting Started

Instructors receive a free clicker and a receiver when they instruct the bookstore to order clickers for their class (pretty much the same way you tell the bookstore to order textbooks for your class). Students buy their own clickers at the bookstore.

Please note: The ITL does not have clickers to lend out, or to use for testing purposes.

As an instructor, you then need to bring a laptop to the multimedia classroom, connect it to the multimedia classroom podium, and connect the Clicker receiver to your laptop. You will also need to have the Clicker instructor software loaded on your laptop (along with the actual clicker activities you plan to use during the lecture).

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Related FAQ's

Q: How many batteries do I need in my iClicker and how long will the batteries last?

A: Three AAA batteries are required for about 200 hours of use. Note that the iclicker will automatically turn off if it is powered on but it is not communicating with a receiver.

Q: The iClickers that students have are white in color. What are the blue iclickers?

A: Blue iclickers are for instructors. Currently, the blue and white iclickers have the same functionality.

Q: What is required to use clickers?

A: Three "items" are required: appropriate clicker software, student clicker or response device and a receiver to input the data into the software.

Q: Can I poll my students from within my PowerPoint presentation?

A: Yes, TurningPoint allows for this functionality.

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