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Request a Single ACCC e-Rooms Event

ACCC e-Rooms events are scheduled on a first come first served basis. Events are limited to 100 concurrent participants. If you have any questions please e-mail us at

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For first-time ACCC e-Room users only...

First-time e-Room users need to schedule an introductory ACCC e-Rooms training session with the ITL, which typically lasts 2 hours.

This is to help you be more productive with ACCC e-Rooms and to avoid a flood of questions later on. If you previously had such an introduction, you do not need it again. However, you are always welcome to request additional training via the ITL home page.

Please specify both a preferred and an alternate date and time for your training session:

Prefered Date and Time:
   Date (Use mm/dd/yy)
   From To

Alternate Date and Time:
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Location: *    ITL West    ITL East

Please note: The ITL is located at the ACCC main offices in the Benjamin Goldberg Research Center (BGRC), Room 181 BGRC, on the West campus. The ITL-East is located at the Library in room LIB 1-310, on the first floor of the Main Library, south wing, facing SEO.


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