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Narrating PowerPoint

The ACCC e-Rooms system can be used to create narrated streamable Powerpoint slideshows, as well as other types of narrated screen captures. Before you begin you will need to download the Centra Knowledge Object Recording Studio. The utility can be downloaded here:

Download the Centra Knowledge Object Recording Studio

Once you have downloaded and installed the utility you will be ready to begin. Recording a narrated powerpoint is a six step process:

  1. Reserve an ACCC e-Rooms session - to reserve a session click here
  2. Start your ACCC e-Rooms session at the scheduled date and time by visiting the main login page at:
  3. Import your Powerpoint slideshow as an agenda
  4. Open the Centra Recorder and begin recording
  5. Narrate your Powerpoint slideshow; stop recording when you have finished
  6. Open the Centra Producer and export the narrated Powerpoint presentation as a Windows Media streaming file (.wmv)
  7. Upload the file to the ACCC RealNetworks Helix Streaming Server

Detailed Instructions:
(Click here for a printable version of these detailed instructions)

1) Reserve An ACCC e-Rooms Session

to reserve a session click here.

2) Log into your ACCC e-Rooms Session

Start your ACCC e-Rooms session at the scheduled date and time by visiting the main login page at:

3) Import Your PowerPoint

click on the menu item labeled "Insert...>Powerpoint"

In the subsequent menu click on the button labeled "Choose Powerpoint file to import..."

Browse to the location of the Powerpoint file on your hard drive, select the file and click open. Once you have clicked open you will be asked to choose the conversion type for the files. Choose an appropriate type and click OK.

Once the files have been uploaded you will see a listing of the slide titles on the left hand side of the Import Tool "Agenda" window. You can preview the slides by highlighting a title - the slide will appear in the right hand frame

After you have imported your PowerPoint file(s) click "Exit" and proceed to step 4. For a streaming video example of this step click here.

4) Open The Centra Recorder

After your PowerPoint files have been imported open the Centra Recorder tool and adjust the audio settings. Click "Options>Preferences..."

Click on the button labeled "Audio Setup..."

Select PCM for the format selection and 8.00 khz 16bit Stereo - 31kbps for audio.

Click "OK" to save the settings.

Click on the record button.

The tool will then prompt you to move the cursor to focus on the window you'd like to record. You will see brackets focus around each active window as you pass your mouse cursor over the various applications that you have open. Highlight only the main Centra display window (the screen displaying Centra "Getting Started" information) by left clicking with the cursor placed on top of this frame.

The recorder is now paused and waiting for you to begin advancing through your slides. In the Agenda window (at the lower left hand corner of the Centra screen) highlight the first slide in your powerpoint presentation to display it in the main frame.

You will be asked if you'd like to begin the session. Click on the button labeled "Yes".

Once the first slide is displayed in the main frame click the record button again in the Centra recording tool. You are now recording the session.

You are now recording the session. For a streaming video example of this step click here.

5) Begin Narrating

To begin narrating be sure to click the audio recording button. This button is located in the upper left hand corner of the interface. Press on the lock button icon.

To advance through the slides while you are narrating use the agenda browsing window.

When you have finished narrating your presentation maximize the Centra recording tool and press the "Stop" button.

You will be prompted to save the AVI file you just created. Name the file and save it to your hard drive. For a streaming video example of this step click here.

6) Export The File With Centra Producer

Now that the file has been created you will want to open it in the Centra Producer program. Open Centra Producer and then use the file browser on the left hand side of the screen to locate the file you just saved.

When the AVI file appears in the middle frame drag it and drop it onto the Centra Producer timeline.

Once your file has been dragged to the timeline you will now want to export it in streaming format. Click "File>Produce Movie".

Select "Windows Movie Format" under the "Movie File Format" selection box.

Click the button labeled "Options"

Select the size that you'd like to export the streaming file as - it is recommended to check off the box labeled "largest movie size"

Click on the tab labeled Window Media and select the profile for your target audience. If you wish to encode for multiple audiences to provide a low bandwidth and a high bandwidth stream you will have to perform these steps twice for each setting.

Click on the tab labeled "Info" and input identifying information for the clip.

Click the "OK" button. In the text box labeled "Movie File Name" type in an appropriate name for the file, and then press "Produce" to begin exporting the file. For a streaming video example of this step clle of this step click here.

7) Upload The File To The Streaming Server

In order to upload the streaming file to the ACCC RealNetworks Helix Streaming Server you will need to have installed an FTP client on your machine, and you will have to reserve space on the UIC realmedia server.

Once you have an ftp client and your server space has set up you will want to connect to your tigger account using your FTP client. After you have logged in you will see a file folder labeled "Realmedia" appear in the list of folders and files in your homespace.

Double click on this folder to access the directories on the realmedia server. Browse to your class or departmental space by double clicking on the appropriate folders. (After you have submitted your request for realmedia server space you will be told the exact directories that you have write access to - browse to the directory indicated in that message.)

Once you have browsed to the correct directory on the right hand side of your FTP client you will need to find the file you just produced and exported on your local machine. Use the file browsing tool on the left hand side of the screen to find the WMV file you just exported. By default the producer will save the files to C:\centra recordings. Select the WMV file by left clicking on it and then click on the "->" arrow to transfer the file from your local machine to the realmedia server.

After the file has been transferred your audience will need to be given the link to access the file from the web. Links to streaming files need to be in a specific format in order to work properly for your audience. All links will to WMV files will begin as:

After this prefix you will then want to enter in the entire path to the directory that you have write access to, followed by the name of the file. For example, if this is a file for a class then you would have been given write access to realmedia/classes/ followed by more directories for college/rubric/classnumber. For the purposes of our example we will use the college of education, class ED101, and a sample file entitled test.wmv. The specific link to our WMV file that we would distribute to our audience would be:

The specific formatting of your links will be indicated in the e-mail confirmation that you receive after your space has been created. For a streaming video example of this step click here.

(Click here for a printable version of these detailed instructions)

Recording Tips/Additional Topics

Be sure to have your audio somewhat scripted before recording your session. This will help reduce the number of errors, and streamline the recording process.

If you need to stop the recording at any time during a session use the "pause" button as opposed to the stop button.

You can also record and narrate powerpoint by using the "application sharing" tool. Be sure to first open the Centra recording tool, e-Rooms collaboration session, and your Powerpoint presentation in "full screen slideshow" mode. Once you are in slideshow mode press and hold down the "ALT key" then press the tab key multiple times to cycle through the programs running on your machine until you get back into the main Centra window. Choose app-sharing and select the PPT slideshow. Use the ALT+Tab method again to select the Centra recording tool. Highlight the PPT slideshow, and then press the record button on the Centra tool.

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