Instructional Technology Resources

* Instructional Technology Lab

The Instructional Technology Lab, or ITL, is a place designed for use by UIC faculty and computer support staff to develop and evaluate the integration of computer technology in the curriculum. It houses a variety of computer equipment, software and instructional technology consultants. The ITL also offers seminars and workshops throughout the year. The ITL is run by the Academic Computer Center.

InfoTech Arcade

The Information Technology Arcade is a place where UIC faculty, ideas, software, and equipment can come together to explore applications of technology and multimedia in higher education. There are actually two InfoTech Arcades, located at 1-310 LIB and in the lower level of LHS. The Arcades are run by the UIC Library.

Teaching and Learning Center

The IMP office offers help to academic units and faculty and teaching assistants in using traditional media and digital technology to improve all phases of teaching and learning. It is located in 102 Douglas Hall and 705 South Morgan Street and can be reached via email to

Office of Classroom Services

The Office of Classroom Services, or OCS, comprises the Audiovisual Services and Timetable Offices. OCS is located in 103 DH. The telephone numbers are 6-2751 and 3-3640. It can also be reached via email to

Multimedia Classrooms: Computing Facilities

A link to the Web page describing the computing facilities of the UIC multimedia classrooms. The day-to-day use of these rooms falls under the responsibility of the Office of Classroom Services in cooperation with the Academic Computer Center, which maintains the computing facilities.

ACCC Computer Labs

A link to the the Web page describing the public computer labs operated by the Academic Computer Center. Each lab houses a number of Windows and/or Macintosh computers. Several labs are equipped with projection systems and can be reserved by faculty for instruction. See PC Lab Reservations for more information. Class software and materials can also be installed and made available on all the computer labs.

Academic Computer Center Workshops

A link to the Computer Center's Workshops home page. A number of workshops are offered every semester to all UIC faculty, staff and students, free-of-charge. For more information, visit this Web page or send email to

Departmental Resources

A link to a Web page listing instructional technology resources offered by individual departments and campus units.

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