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On the global scale, the ACCC-maintained UIC campus-wide computer network provides the campus with a high-speed connection to the Internet and with network services such as email and the World Wide Web. On a local scale, connecting an on-campus workstation or departmental LAN (Local Area Network) to the campus-wide network can provide network backup for personal computer files; shared files, printers, and software; and full Internet connectivity. The ACCC can also help develop, install, and maintain new or existing departmental LANs.

The ACCC Local Area Network Services group (LANS) provides services through the LANs at UIC. A newly added service providing UIC community with premium email system, please check out ACCC Exchange Services.

Click the Network button above (or on any ACCC core Web page) for links to more information about computer networks at UIC and the ACCC's network services.

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