Technology at a Glance

There are numerous types of technology both available to, and already installed in, the UIC classrooms. This page describes some of them.

Classroom Software

There are many software titles available for installation on the computers installed in the multimedia classrooms. To ensure that software you need for your classes is available in the room you will be teaching, please send the form, filled out, to for each product you wish to have installed. Please see the Software Request page for more information.

Please note: The deadline for requesting software installation for the coming semester is two non-holiday weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Software installation requests must be made every semester for every piece of software you wish to have installed. Software that currently exists in the classrooms or existed in the past, does not guarantee that it will be installed next semester.

Please drop off the software, proof of purchase/licenses, media and software installation instructions to Rima Willis in SEL 2267. For free software, please provide a link to download and proof that the software is free.

Email with the following information:

Mail Code:
E-mail address:
Class(es) that will use the software/files (e.g. MATH101):

Software Name:
Software Version:
Operating System:

How many licenses do you have?: (Please submit a copy of the site license agreement or proof of the number of licenses that you have along with the software. The number of licenses will determine the number of concurrent users that can use the software)

License Number/Access code (if any):
Which classrooms should the software be installed in?:

Please specify if there are any other requirements to run the software:

LearnLab Prototype

During Summer 2009, UIC's Office of Campus Learning Environments (OCLE) managed the renovation of Burnham Hall room B10. This room had previously been a simplified multimedia classroom, with a mobile multimedia cart. The result of the summer project was a fully multimedia classroom with three digital projectors, two CopyCams for image capture of whiteboard content, and a physical setup that allows for a totally new type of learning environment. The environment emphasizes a informal setting with the simplest possible transition between lecture content and small group work. For more details on the design of the classroom, and its various capabilities, view some of the content below:

For instructions on how to use the various features of this classroom (including how to use the CopyCams to capture whiteboard content), please view the Classrooms tab of our website. The classrooms are listed in alphabetical order by building abbreviation, B10 is the second to last entry for Burnham Hall.

Instructional videos can be found here. These videos can be helpful to introduce the instructor to the unique capabilities of this LearnLab classroom.

Clickers (Student Response Systems)

Student response systems can assist in many aspects of the learning environment to quickly and accurately obtain input from students. i>Clicker is the recommended brand of student response systems. All East Campus classrooms with a built-in computer are ready for plug & play usage of i>Clicker receivers. See the Instructional Technology Lab's website for more information about these systems: ITL - Clickers


The UIC WebDisk is a networked utility that provides UIC affiliates with 100 MB of storage space. Your personal WebDisk can be accessed via the desktop on any lab or classroom machine, and can also be accessed through Blackboard from any computer with an internet connection. Simply click on the Content System tab once you have logged into Blackboard, and you will see the contents of your WebDisk. This feature can be used to easily store files you need for class, from your office or any other computer, which can then be accessed from the desktop of the classroom computer. Read more about WebDisk on the ITL website.


UIC-Wireless provides access to the UIC network in all classrooms, making it even easier for professors and students to bring laptops to class to assist with both instruction and learning. For information on how to connect to UIC-Wireless, see its website: UIC-Wireless